Professional Internship

Physics and Applied Physics majors can undertake a Professional Internship in an approved external company or organisation. The internship programme provides opportunities to apply physics knowledge to real-world situations, and to learn new skills that are useful in the workplace.

The internship may be hosted by an industrial or commercial organization, research centre, or educational institute, either locally or overseas. The internship programme lasts for 20 weeks (for matriculation year 2019 and after) or 22 weeks (for matriculation year 2018 or earlier).

Students undertaking a Professional Internship are not allowed to undertake the Final Year Project (FYP). However, students doing the FYP can opt for a shorter Professional Attachment, lasting for 10 weeks during the Special Terms (summer vacation period). Students are not allowed to register for both a Professional Internship and a Professional Attachment.

In my sophomore year, I visited the DSTA booth at the SPMS job fair and secured an opportunity to intern at DSTA’s Networked Systems Programme Centre. The rigorous physics and mathematics courses offered by SPMS gave me a strong foundation to understand the technical issues. In 2015, I attended a networking session hosted by NTU and interacted with the hiring managers from DSTA. I secured an interview before graduation and am now an engineer at DSTA’s C4I Development Programme Centre, developing sense-making capabilities for maritime security!”

Yeo Jun Yi (pictured far left)
BSc (Hons) in Applied Physics, Class of 2016
Engineer, Defence Science and Technology Agency

The Professional Internship and Professional Attachment modules are as follows:

For students who matriculated in AY2019/20 or later
PH4416 - Professional Attachment5 AU (Unrestricted Elective)
10 weeks during Special Terms
PH4420 - Professional Internship10 AU (Major Prescribed Elective)
20 weeks including Semester 1 or 2

For students who matriculated in AY2016/17 to AY2018/19
PH4416 - Professional Attachment5 AU (Unrestricted Elective)
10 weeks during Special Terms
PH4417 - Professional Internship11 AU (Major Prescribed Elective)
22 weeks including Semester 1 or 2

These modules are graded on a Pass/Fail basis. The participating student is required to give an oral presentation on his or her internship/attachment experience and submit a final written report. Assessment is done by both the host organization and an NTU faculty member.

Students undertaking the 22-week/20-week Professional Internship are not allowed to do a Final Year Project as well. Only those who do a Final Year Project are eligible for receiving an Honours (Highest Distinction) degree.

Students in year 3 and 4 will receive an email regarding the Professional Internship programme.  Those planning to participate in the Professional Internship should follow the instructions in the email to register.

NTU's Career & Attachment Office (CAO) will source internship and attachment positions, and contact participating students with a list of available host organizations. It is also possible for individual students to source for a position themselves. Self-sourced positions are subject to approval by the Division as well as the CAO.