The School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences at NTU Singapore is organised into three divisions encompassing the core scientific and mathematical disciplines of Chemistry and Biological Chemistry, Mathematical Sciences, and Physics and Applied Physics.
Note: in August 2022, the Division of Chemistry and Biological Chemistry will merge with the School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering to form a new School of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology (CCEB). This new interdisciplinary School will be the first in NTU to be established under two different Colleges, the College of Science and the College of Engineering. It will continue to offer the undergraduate and graduate programmes in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry currently offered by the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

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We offer undergraduate degree programmes (BSc) and graduate programmes (PhD and MSc) in our three core disciplines of Chemistry and Biological Chemistry, Mathematical Sciences, and Physics and Applied Physics.

Click on the link below for more details about our different programmes, as well as special educational opportunities such as the Co-Operative Education Programme and Making and Tinkering courses.

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Our researchers are working on numerous exciting topics, such as using photochemistry to break down plastic waste, devising new encryption algorithms, using machine learning to tackle difficult quantum physics problems, and much more. Click on the links below to read about our latest breakthroughs in chemistry, mathematics, and physics.

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The SPMS experience doesn't end when you step out of the lecture theatre or tutorial room. We have a vibrant student community with numerous events and activities to explore. Incoming freshmen get to enjoy an exciting Orientation and Transition programme organised by a team of dedicated staff and student volunteers.

Our Student Welfare team is dedicated to giving all students the support they need for a happy and rewarding university experience. We also provide career planning resources to assist SPMS students in starting their future careers.

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As a proud SPMS graduate, you will always be a part of our community. We host a variety of alumni events throughout the year, from movie nights to social mixers.

It's never too late to take the opportunity to get back in touch with your former course-mates, and chat with your favorite professors!

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Safety is an integral part of life and work at the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, and we are committed to ensuring that all research and educational activities are performed in a safe and proper way.

All faculty, students, and staff are required to be familiar with our established safety procedures and requirements, which are available for reference on this site. Click on the link below to read about our safety training, emergency procedures, risk assessment processes, and more.

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