About Youth Regional Affairs Dialogue 2022

This year’s Youth Regional Affairs Dialogue took place from 23 – 31 July 2022. The dialogue centered on the theme of Social Cohesion, branching out into 5 sub-themes:

  1. Culture and Identity
  2. Income Inequality and Social Mobility
  3. Growing Intergenerational Divide
  4. Media, Information and Technology
  5. Healthcare and Well-Being

40 local students from top Singapore universities and 40 international students from top Asian universities were selected to participate. The dialogue serves as a platform for aspiring youth leaders to discuss the issue of social cohesion and derive viable solutions together.

Stay tuned for information on next year's edition of the Youth Regional Affairs Dialogue!

We were on the news!

Lianhe Zaobao – a local mainstream news agency – featured Minister of State, Ms Sun Xueling's visit to the Youth Regional Affairs Dialogue 2022!

Translated version of the article:

More than 70 young leaders from 20 Asian countries and regions participated in a week-long 2022 Youth Regional Affairs Dialogue at Nanyang Technological University to discuss issues related to social cohesion such as the growing intergenerational divide in the region.

The Youth Regional Affairs Dialogue, organised by the Nanyang Technological University's University Scholars Programme aims to foster connections among future leaders in Asia and to have a deeper understanding of Asia's interconnectedness and interdependence through the discussion of economic, political, and social issues.

The theme of this dialogue is "Social Cohesion" covering five parts, namely: culture and identity, income inequality and social mobility, a growing inter-generational divide, media, information and technology, and healthcare and well-being.

Speaking at the dialogue on Monday (July 25), Sun Xueling, Minister of State for Social and Family Development and Home Affairs, said that everyone can play an active role in strengthening social cohesion. “It starts with increasing self-awareness and confidence, and then connecting with the wider community by strengthening our families. Our school and community partners can also further empower young people to meet future challenges and encourage them to give back to the community actively.”

Message from Chairperson

Dear Prospective Applicants,

It is my great pleasure to announce that for the third time, the Temasek Youth Regional Affairs Dialogue will take place later this year. For those who haven’t heard of YRAD (or as it was formerly known, STEP), it is a rare opportunity for Asia’s future leaders to come to Singapore, put their collective heads together, and imagine a brighter future for the region.

Each year, we choose an overarching theme to explore. In 2022, that theme will be social cohesion. As the pandemic has shown, our world is divided in ways that past generations did not anticipate. Borders have reasserted themselves, and citizens have disagreed about the best ways to respond to an unprecedented crisis. As a historian, I know there is plenty of evidence that societies that recover best from crisis are those whose citizens feel a widespread respect and appreciation for one another, and who balance their regard for tradition with an openness to change.

YRAD gives us a chance to come together and examine the region’s very real challenges, while developing friendships and enjoying new experiences. At the moment, there is perhaps no better place for such an international meeting than Singapore, a global city with a cosmopolitan outlook and a wealth of experience in cultivating social cohesion.

On behalf of the YRAD team, I look forward to reading your applications and meeting you.

Dr Justin Clark
Assistant Professor of History, Nanyang Technological University
Chairperson of YRAD 2022

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