Beyond the Classroom

NTU-USP encourages scholars to participate in a wide array of overseas experiential programmes, projects and events.​ This include programmes that will enhance scholars' overall academic exposure, discover and discuss various world issues. Activities beyond the classroom allow scholars to better themselves on a more global and uniquely different level. 

The Travel Overseas Programme for Scholars (TOPS) is a credit-bearing core module (SP0007: Fieldwork and Documentation: Topics in Sustainability) for first year NTU-​USP scholars to investigate multi-disciplinary issues in a foreign country/region.

TOPS allows first-year NTU-USP scholars to investigate multi-disciplinary issues in another country and prepares students for various aspects of managing and conducting fieldwork, including visual documentation and storytelling.

​It features a week-long trip to another country to fully utilise skills that have been taught in the classroom, allowing scholars a chance to understand how those skills can be used practically and at the same time giving them exposure to another environment for a more holistic world view.

TOPS 2019

NTU-USP scholars have the opportunity to spend a semester studying abroad where students will have the chance to experience academic and cultural life in a vibrant global setting.

Beside Study Abroad that is unique to NTU-USP, students can also opt for global programmes offered by the Office of Global Education and Mobility (OGEM). OGEM provides students with comprehensive global education opportunities with top-notch universities. Students can select from over 350 partner universities of NTU.

The OGEM within the Student Academic Services Department is guided by a clear mission to advance student knowledge and learning through global experience. In line with NTU-USP mission to develop proactive global citizenship, OGEM offers broad-based and multi-disciplinary curriculum, which will fit our students. NTU-USP scholars also enjoy priority placement when applying for these programmes.

More information can be found here.

The elective courses with travel component create an opportunity for NTU-USP to be on an overseas research-based field trip that allow students to apply relevant and critical theory through a wide variety of real-world representations, while employing these observations in designing a modern aggregator of knowledge to enhance research and education. 

Electives with Travel Component