Published on 14 Feb 2024

Transforming the future of media with artificial intelligence

Person using a tablet to look at imagesFrom chatbots to self-driving vehicles, artificial intelligence (AI) innovations have taken the world by storm. With the ability to analyse large amounts of data, AI algorithms can now do complex tasks ranging from recommending content to generating reports. 

Three AI programs developed by NTU researchers have the potential to change the media landscape of tomorrow. 

One of them infers emotions in text using a process that resembles human reasoning. Another algorithm splits videos into shorter clips, making the search for specific moments in long videos more efficient.

Lastly, an AI innovation detects the digital fingerprints left behind by image manipulation and restores doctored facial photos to their original state.

In the future, these innovations could be used for applications such as blocking malicious content online, facilitating video-based learning and detecting deepfake images.

Read the story on the NTU Research Hub.  

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