Published on 14 Apr 2022

Helping collaborations GAIN

NTU senior vice-president of research Lam Khin Yong and Minister of State for Trade and Industry Low Yen Ling at an exhibition booth at the event

Companies looking to collaborate with NTU Singapore will get a helping hand in the set-up of projects like joint labs and research institutes through the Global Alliance of Industries@NTU (GAIN).

GAIN will coordinate these efforts as part of the university’s goal to deepen connections with industry. It will also work to match multinationals with NTU’s experts in various fields.

At an industry event organised by GAIN in collaboration with the American and European Chambers of Commerce, NTU president Subra Suresh said that one of NTU’s strategic goals is to have the output that comes out of its research labs scale with the help of industry and the support of the Government.

At the event, NTU senior vice-president of research Lam Khin Yong moderated a panel discussion on the importance of discovering new products and businesses, as well as new ways of doing business in keeping the economy dynamic.


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