Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

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LKCMedicine – a world-class medical education for tomorrow’s doctors

The Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine (LKCMedicine) offers a five-year undergraduate programme leading to a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree (MBBS) awarded jointly by Imperial College London (Imperial) and Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore). Our bespoke curriculum draws extensively from the world-renowned medical curriculum of Imperial, and leverages the strengths of NTU in biomedical sciences, engineering, and humanities. Our School emphasises the clinical relevance of the basic sciences and early patient interaction from the very beginning of the course, training you to put a patient’s individual needs at the centre of all care.

The quality of your clinical training will match the best offered anywhere in the world. LKCMedicine’s primary clinical partner is the National Healthcare Group, a leader in public healthcare recognised for the quality of its medical expertise, facilities and teaching. LKCMedicine will also be partnering other healthcare institutions to ensure that you are exposed to a wide range of clinical and work environments as part of your training. This will allow you to appreciate your role as a medical practitioner in the context of the wider healthcare system, and give you the fullest opportunity to acquire a solid scientific understanding of medicine and the appropriate clinical skills to be leaders in the field of healthcare delivery and medical research. 

With a pioneering integrated and multi-disciplinary MBBS curriculum taught by a distinguished global faculty, LKCMedicine will be redefining medicine and transforming healthcare.

Please click here for the Regulations for the Award of the MBBS Degree Programme.

Application Process

May to Mid-September
Register for UCAT account and book the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT)
July to end SeptemberSit for UCAT
October to Mid-MarchOnline Admission Application
AprilSelection Interview (Multiple Mini Interviews)
April to JuneOffer and Acceptance
June to JulyHealth Screening
July Matriculation

All applications to LKCMedicine must be submitted online between October and mid-March via the NTU application portal here​.

 Applications must include the following information:
  • Academic results
  • University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT)
  • Personal statement
  • Essay on achievements beyond schools' co-curricular activities and online appraisal form from one to two appraisers (If applicant would like to be considered under the Aptitude-based Admissions scheme)
  • Two referee reports: One of the referees must be the applicant’s civics tutor/form teacher (GCE A-level, IB, NUSHS and international qualifications) or personal tutor/mentor (Polytechnic). The online referee report is in question-and-answer format. Instructions and login details will be provided to applicants who will in turn forward the login information to their referees.) 

*All offers of admission to the LKCMedicine MBBS undergraduate degree course will be made through the NTU Office of Admissions (OA).​

For more details on all entry requirements, please click here.
For more details on scholarships and financial aids, please click here.

Pre-University Qualifications

Applicants should possess the requisite pre-university qualifications to be admitted to the LKCMedicine MBBS programme. Predicted grades are not accepted for admissions. Current final-year high school students, whose actual high school graduation / national examination results, would be available after April of the Academic Year will not be eligible to apply for Medicine programme in that same Academic Year. 




GCE A-Level Certification 

H2 Pass in Chemistry and H2 Pass in either Biology or Physics. 

All H2 subjects and attempted General Paper (GP) or Knowledge & Inquiry (KI) must be taken at one sitting. 

Meet Mother Tongue Language (MTL) requirement. 

More details can be found  here

​International Baccalaureate Diploma 

Pass in HL Chemistry and Pass in either HL Biology or Physics. 

Meet Mother Tongue requirement. 

More details can be found here​

National University of Singapore High School Diploma 

Major CAP of 2.0 in Chemistry and either Biology or Physics 

CAP of 1.0 in one other major and in English Programme 

Meet Mother Tongue requirement 

More details can be found ​here

Polytechnic Diploma 

​A good GPA in a Health Science-related diploma. 

A list of relevant diplomas can be found here

International Qualifications 

​A list of acceptable international qualifications can be found   here

For further advice on other international qualifications, you may contact NTU Office of Admissions​

University Clinical Aptitude Test  (UCAT)

Applicants will have to register for the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) and take the UCAT as part of the criteria for entry to the LKCMedicine MBBS programme.

The University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) is a computer-based admissions test, used by a consortium of UK Universities and non-UK associate member universities including Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine (LKCMedicine) to help select applicants for medical and dental degree programmes. 

It is a two-hour test consisting of five separately timed subtests in multiple-choice format. It is an aptitude test focused on assessing a range of mental abilities and knowledge candidates should already have. 

If one is applying to the AY2024-25 intake of LKCMedicine, one should take UCAT between 10 July and 28 September 2023, prior to applying to LKCMedicine. Only results of the UCAT taken in the twelve-month period prior to admission to LKCMedicine will be considered in the selection process.

A copy of the UCAT leaflet can be downloaded here
For more details on the UCAT, including information on how to prepare for it, please click here

Integrated science in a medical context: You learn the science underpinning each body system through our distinctive Team-Based Learning pedagogy and hands-on science practicals. You develop foundational clinical and communication skills in the Foundations of Clinical Practice course. Through the Long-term Patient Project and Medical Humanities course, you learn to appreciate illness and healthcare from the patient’s perspective.


Core clinical medicine in practice: Immerse with clinical teams in healthcare institutions across Singapore to develop your core clinical skills in Medicine, Surgery, as well as in Short Postings undertaken in a number of specialities. You learn through supervised interactions with patients, teaching ward rounds, tutorials, and receive mentoring from Core Tutors.


Medicine for all stages of life and in diverse settings: You embark on a six-week Scholarly Project to hone your scientific skills and explore the boundaries of medical knowledge, before you set out on clinical postings focusing on medicine for all stages of life (obstetrics, paediatrics, and geriatrics), delivered in a range of settings, including primary care. You will also gain experience in Psychiatry, Palliative Medicine, Rehabilitation, Emergency Medicine, and Clinical Care.


Preparing for practice as a doctor: You start the year with an overseas Elective to experience a different healthcare environment, and a home-based Selective where you can further your experience in a speciality of your choice. In the final 10 weeks, the Student Assistantship Programme ensures that you are fully prepared for practice as a doctor.


We map your learning journey across the curriculum where you will gain a thorough understanding of the scientific basis of medicine, as well as clinical management and communication skills. You will also benefit from innovative and interactive approaches to education, including extensive use of simulation, team-based learning, and digital learning. 

Through several pioneering exchange and elective programmes, as well as student led projects, you may also experience student life, the learning environment and medical practice at Imperial: 

• Year 2 Imperial-LKCMedicine Immersion Programme 

• Year 5 Imperial Elective Programme 

Click here to know more about our pedagogy, or click here to know what makes us unique.

You can also learn more about our educational quality assurance here.

Equipped with the scientific understanding, technological awareness, holistic approach to patient care, and life-long learning skills needed to succeed in all medical specialties, LKCMedicine graduates can expect fulfilling careers as outstanding doctors and medical leaders across the full spectrum of healthcare services in Singapore. They will be well-placed to shape the future of medical practice in Singapore. 

Students admitted into LKCMedicine are also required to serve the public healthcare sector upon successful completion of the MBBS programme. Singaporeans serve a five-year service obligation while non-Singaporeans serve a six-year service obligation, excluding housemanship or first-y​ear residency training. More information on Medical Undergraduate Agreement can be obtained here​.

PSC Scholarship recipients who are concurrently awarded the President’s Scholarship to read Medicine will also have a service obligation according to the terms of the Scholarship. Get more information about PSC scholarships here​.

For other scholarship or financial assistance recipients, please refer to the respective terms of agreement.​