Scholarships & Financial Aid

Tuition Fees

All students admitted to LKCMedicine are eligible for subsidised fees, subject to service obligation. The subsidised fees information for students can be obtained here.

Scholarships and Bursaries

LKCMedicine, as part of NTU, affirms the University’s commitment to a needs-blind, merit-based admissions policy that will ensure no deser​ving student is denied an education because of financial difficulty.

In addition to the scholarships and bursaries offered by NTU Office of Admissions and Financial Aid, LKCMedicine offers its own scholarships and bursaries to assist students with financial difficulties. Scholarships and bursaries are open for application as part of the admissions application from October to April each year.


Administered by NTU

Administered By LKCMedicine

Other Scholarships

Refer here for more details on the financial aid available to fund your education

Refer here for more details on the scholarships available.
Download this brochure for the full list of merit- and needs-based scholarships, bursaries, financial aid schemes, awards,  and application requirements.

MBBS students can apply for scholarships offered by external agencies:

SAF Medicine
Public Service Commission

Please click on the links of the respective agencies’ websites for more details.



Get to Know our Scholars and Students!


Koh Heer Lin

Year 1 student (AY2023-24)

LKCMedicine Scholarship

I am very grateful to have received the LKCMedicine Scholarship. The scholarship covers my financial worries and gives me the space and energy to put more focus in my schoolwork and also school life. It also motivates me to keep working hard to become the doctor I wish to be.”

Narasimamorthy Tamilmathi

Year 1 (AY2023-24)

Toh Kian Chui Scholarship

“I am extremely grateful for the Toh Kian Chui Scholarship. It has empowered my academic focus by alleviating financial constraints arising from my background. Beyond financial aid, it offers avenues for university representation, such as DiscoverNTU. The scholarship provides exposure to scholar-exclusive workshops that promise invaluable personal growth opportunities, which I am eager to participate in.”

Pang Yu Ping

Year 1 (AY2023-24)

ASEAN Undergraduate Scholarship

“Apart from financial benefits, the ASEAN Undergraduate Scholarship allows me to network with fellow ASEAN scholars in NTU and gain insights into their various courses of study. Additionally, the Student Affairs Office initiates various CIP opportunities, allowing us to serve Singapore's wider community while simultaneously strengthening our sense of cohesiveness.”