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Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Chinese

Single Degree

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Chinese is a four-year direct honours programme which provides a concrete foundation in both classical and modern Chinese literature, a deeper understanding of Chinese language, and a broader perspective on Modern China and the Chinese Diaspora in Southeast Asia.
The programme aims to equip students with multidisciplinary research skills and bilingual capabilities. Our faculty members are dedicated to high quality in teaching and research. We have strong and active interests in Modern Chinese Literature. Chinese Language, and especially the Chinese Diaspora in Southeast Asia. The Minor in Translation is another unique programme within the Chinese Programme. This programme is open to all NTU students who are interested in receiving practical and professional trainings in translation between Chinese and English. We also partnered the National Arts Council to run a Chinese creative writing residencies programme. Critically acclaimed writers, both local and international, will work on a literary project of their own and teach creative writing courses in NTU. Eminent writers who have been in residence include Yeng Pway-Ngon (Singapore) and Su Wei-Chen (Taiwan). 
  • 4 year direct honours – Robust and interesting modules on Chinse literature, culture, language, history, and Chinese diaspora 

  • 2 remarkable minors – Translation and Creative Writing 

  • Close linkages with industries – Education, media, publishers, and other sectors

Students with Singapore-Cambridge GCE 'A' level 

Pass in H2 Level Chinese subjects or 
Good pass in H1 Level Chinese subjects or 
Good pass in ‘O’ Level Higher Chinese or 
Good pass in ‘O’ Level Chinese 

Students with NUS High School Diploma 

Good overall CAP in Chinese Language 

Students with IB Diploma 

A good grade in Standard Level Chinese 

Please note the following: 

  • The grade profiles, GPAs and programme places vary from year to year, depending on the number and performance of applicants, and the number of places available. 

  • Meeting the previous year's grade/GPA scores of a programme does not guarantee admission to that programme for the current year. 

  • NTU is increasingly admitting students based on holistic practices including written exams and interviews. For this reason we encourage all interested parties to apply.

Curriculum Structure 

To graduate, students must complete two categories of requirements, totaling at least 128 Academic Units (AUs):  

A.  Major Requirements (69 AUs) 

B.  General Education Requirements (GER) (59 AUs)  

​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​Curriculum Structure 

​​​ ​​​ ​A. Major Requirements 

​​ ​B. ​General Education Requirement (GER) 

​Total (AUs) 













Duration of study 

The curriculum is designed as a four-year course. Well-prepared students can complete the degree in three and a half years. 

Students can pursue in-depth studies in any of the four categories in the Chinese programme such as (A) Chinese Literature and Culture(B) Chinese History, Thought and China Studies(C) Linguistics and Chinese Linguisticsor (D) Studies of Ethnic-ChineseClick here to view course descriptions.

Our ​graduates in Chinese are bilingual and bicultural and have strong training in the comprehension of classical and modern texts. They are also knowledgeable in the fields of Chinese literature, culture, history, philosophy, linguistics, etc. Being exposed to a wide range of knowledge and methodologies, our graduates specialise not only in their selected areas within the traditional disciplines of Chinese language and literature, but also in interdisciplinary studies such as contemporary Chinese politics, society, urban culture, and international relations. 

​Graduates in Chinese can look forward to careers in the private and public sectors where in-depth knowledge of Chinese language and culture are required. Some of these are the civil service, education, business management, public relations, journalism, publishing, translation, as well as theatre and the arts. 

Minor in Chinese 

Minor in Chinese Creative Writing 

Minor in Translation 

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