Welcome to the School of Humanities

The School of Humanities at NTU-Singapore is a diverse and dynamic hub of research and education supported by a world-class faculty. We offer multiple single and double major undergraduate degree options and both MA and PhD degrees across multiple departments and centres. A commitment to disciplinary excellence, interdisciplinary education and a cross-fertilisation of ideas permeates all our departments.

Our faculty and staff share a passion for the humanities, and a spirit of curiosity and creativity; they seek to cultivate an open intellectual outlook in our students and aim to build an educational community that encourages insightful ways of seeing and being in the world. We are dedicated to making a positive contribution to the university and to the broader social and cultural context of Singapore and the region.

Research in the humanities is rooted in rigorous analysis, creative engagement, and reflects a deep commitment to exploring both past and present; collectively we seek to make an active and significant contribution to our complex and nuanced cultural contexts.

At NTU-SoH, research and education in the humanities advances and shapes our ways of thinking, it broadens and deepens our perspectives and – ultimately – makes a significant contribution to the business of being alive in a complex modern world.

Teaching and Research Centres