John Cheung Social Media Award Recipients

SalutationNameSchool​​CitationsYear Of Award
MsYang Mei Ling
NBSFor using a range of online platforms and tools such as MS Team, Flipgrid, Zoom, Telegram, WhatsApp, Wooclap and MS Stream, in redesigning the AB0602 pedagogy to promote community building, peer learning and engagement, asynchronous learning opportunities, and peer collaboration opportunities that will benefit students in their future workplace2021
Asst Prof
Heng Tang Tang
NIEUsing Facebook to enhance EDD Students’ scholarly Identities, methods and communities by having students participate in an online community, leveraging on the principles of a community of learning and students’ development in their scholarly methods and identities2021
Assoc ProfVictor Chen
NIEUsing Facebook to enhance EDD Students’ scholarly Identities, methods and communities by having students participate in an online community, leveraging on the principles of a community of learning and students’ development in their scholarly methods and identities.2021
Asst ProfVictor Lim Fei
NIEFor harnessing the affordances of social media platforms such as Facebook and Edmodo to create collaborative knowledge building and extending learning through collective sharing of feedback and creation of multimodal artifacts2021
DrGary Royden Watson Greaves
COSFor adopting Twitch to broadcast lectures and Telegram channel to engage and connect with students by promoting a community of learning through interactions via forums, feedback and material sharing 2021
SalutationNameSchool​​CitationsYear Of Award
Assoc ProfGeorgios ChristopoulosNBSFor the use of social media to promote cognitive diversity, digital citizenship, relevance and engagement in the classroom2020
DrJo-Ann Netto-ShekNIE/ELLFor using a collection of social media platforms to encourage students
to engage with course content as active and critical thinkers and learners
Asst ProfVahid AryadoustNIE/ELLFor using animations and videos via a YouTube Channel to extend learning and student engagement beyond the classroom2020
Assoc ProfKimberly KlineSBSFor using Twitter to engage students in current topics in microbial pathogenesis and to communicate biological ideas and concepts relevant in everyday life for the benefit of society2020
DrDuzhin FedorSPMSFor using Whatsapp to foster independent learners and teaching teamwork to improve student learning 2020
There were no recipients for this year.
SalutationNameSchool​​CitationsYear Of Award
Asst ProfAlthaf MarsoofNBSFor the use of three platforms – CN Post, Workplace and Google Classrooms, to create icebreakers, disseminate information, eradicate misconceptions and create a tool for collaboration2018
DrCatherine Peyrols Wu NBSFor using social media to encourage active exploration and experimentation in intercultural situations2018
Asst ProfMoon Seung KiCoEFor the use of Wikis to enhance students’ capabilities for communication and collaboration2018
Asst ProfNg Bing FengCoEFor the development of a cloud-based instant messaging program (Telegram) to create a class chat group for students to post questions and interact2018
Asst ProfGraham MatthewsCoHASSFor using social media in the medical humanities to bridge the gap between campus and community, creating platforms for public engagement, while promoting ethical considerations about connecting with the public2018
MsPatricia LorenzCoHASSFor using a digital facilitation platform to create a German language learner community2018
Asst Prof
Suzanne ChooNIE/ELLFor the use of social media to provide students with opportunities to participate in emerging knowledge networks offered on the internet and to engage in dialogue and community building2018
SalutationNameSchool​​CitationsYear Of Award
Assoc ProfAnutosh ChakrabortyMAEFor using Edmodo to engage students at different levels in more active learning, with an increase in student-teacher interaction2017
MrsNeerja SethiNBSFor using a range of social media tools, each one specifically directed to the achievement of particular learning outcomes 2017
Assoc ProfQuek Choon Lang GwendolineNIE/LSTFor using Cisco SPARK to connect learners engaging them in experiential, self-directed and transformative learning2017
 Assoc ProfRandall PackerADMFor engaging students in art education in a rich shared space for collaboration2017
Assoc ProfTang Siu Mei RamonaNIE/ELLFor integrating a number of social media tools in diverse ways across different courses, both in the face-to-face classroom and beyond the classroom, to achieve a range of learning goals2017
Asst ProfThomas RockstuhlNBSFor using social media to build communities of practice among students where students become active participants in a communal learning process2017
MrWilkinson Mark JamesNIE/ELLFor the use of a number of social media platforms to increase Student Techers’ motivation, commitment and tutor-Student Teacher interaction2017
SalutationNameSchool​​CitationsYear Of Award
Asst ProfCsilla WeningerEnglish Language and Literature, NIEFor using social media to bridge that gap between classroom learning and informal learning2016
DrKumaran RajaramNBSFor using a number of social media platforms to engage students and extend their learning beyond the classroom2016
Assoc ProfLee Yew JinNatural Sciences and Science education, NIEFor eliciting meaningful feedback from students on practice teching sessions using Whatsapp private chat group.2016
Asst ProfMarcosMechanical and Aerospace EngineeringFor using Facebook and videos to engage students through the platforms they use in everyday life2016
Asst ProfNatalie PangWKWSCIFor turning student learning experiences into explicit and internalised learning that cannot otherwise be taught in a traditional learning environment2016
Assoc ProfQiu LinDivision of psychology, HASSFor enabling students to make their learning outcomes public through social media2016
SalutationNameSchool​​CitationsYear Of Award
DrCise UnluerCEE​For using social media to improve student learning through developing creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration, providing a comfortable environment to express themselves2015
DrCui Feng​HSSFor adopting a wide range of social media strategies in accordance with the needs of learners, subject matter, and student demographics, fostering in students an increased enjoyment in learning2015
MsHoo Hui TengNBSFor integrating Facebook as an asynchronous, dynamic and student-centred tool to create an active learning environment that is social, increases participation and enables students to discuss and learn things that are not available in class2015
Asst ProfJennifer YeoNIE/NSSEFor using social media, particularly Google Group, Google Site and YouTube, to achieve the principles of Problem-Based Learning and the attributes of a 21st-century teaching profession2015
MSWong Pei WenWKWSCIFor using social media to increase collaboration and interaction both inside and outside the classroom, for increasing content co-creation, building new research skills in social listening and dashboard management and creating opportunities for experimental learning and networking outside the classroom2015
Asst ProfZachary WalkerNIE/ECSEFor using a range of social media as a suite of tools aimed at increasing engagement with content, improving mobility for student learning, amplifying the individual student voice, increasing participation, having more comprehensive assessment and developing personal learning communities beyond the course2015