NTU Collaborative Online International Learning Grant 

The NTU Collaborative Online International Learning (NTU COIL) Grant presents faculty with a unique opportunity to develop and offer semester or special term hybrid/virtual undergraduate (UG) course(s) with synchronous components. These UG courses may include a learning trip to an ASEAN-China-India (ACI) country. This will allow NTU students to learn alongside students from overseas institutions, thus providing them with cross-cultural, global opportunities for virtual learning and engagement. 

NTU COIL Grant is funded by the Office of the Provost through the Associate Provost (Undergraduate Education).

To view a list of past projects which have been awarded the NTU COIL Grant, please click here.


Application is open to all full-time faculty in all colleges offering undergraduate programmes, i.e. CoE, CoS, CoHASS, NBS, NIE and LKCMED.

To download a copy of the detailed COIL Grant Guidelines, please click here.

Types of Course Development

a) Virtual (synchronous & asynchronous). New or existing course(s) developed should have a good blend of synchronous and asynchronous activities with both NTU students and overseas students taking the course virtually.

b) Hybrid Learning. New or existing onsite courses during the semester to be improved to accommodate overseas students taking the course virtually alongside NTU students.

c) (Optional) Inclusion of a Field Trip to ACI. For course delivery mode a or b, faculty may add a 1 to 1.5 week (5 – 10 days) ACI exposure field-trip for students to better understand the course coupled with social-cultural immersion organized together with the ACI partner institution. Activities could involve student presentation of joint projects as part of the trip's objective. NTU COIL grant will cover course development, management & travel by the NTU instructor.

Grant Requirements

Applicants must demonstrate that the proposed courses include at least one of the following components: "Virtual - synchronous and asynchronous," and "Hybrid" to allow for onsite/online participation by both NTU students and international students. For courses that include a learning trip for students to an ACI country, do indicate how students will be engage during the overseas trip. 

Approved Course proposal and syllabus. Wherever possible, project work can be designed to solve SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) issues using competences learnt through the course. Group set up should be based on cross-cultural mix. 

The period of support will be up to 18 months from the award of the COIL grant.

All successful grant holders will be expected to submit reports as follows: 
a)  Half-Yearly Updates on course development progress 
b)  A Summary Report on the course offering upon completion of the course delivery or at the end of 18-month 
c)  A Student Feedback on Teaching and Course Feedback Report
d)  International student course sign-up or attendance or result list
e)  A Financial Expense Report is to be provided with the Summary Report
f)  An NTU COIL Showcase which may include conference presentations, open educational resources, future grant call talks

Commencement Course/Project for AY2023/24 Grant Call

Grant holder will implement the designed courses in AY2023/24 and/or AY2024/25 during the semester (s) and/or special term(s). It should also be repeated in future AYs without additional funding.

Project is to be completed by 30 June 2025 (or earlier) upon receipt of grant.

How to apply

To download the application form, please click here.

All applications must be endorsed by the School Associate Chair (Acad). Completed applications can be submitted electronically via RISE (https://fibi.ntu.edu.sg/), with the application form included in the attachment section. Within the application form, digital endorsements by the School Associate Chair (Acad) will be accepted.

Note: RISE will route your application to your School’s Research Support Office (RSO), then to the Head of Department (HOD) for approval before it reaches the COIL Grant Administrator (GM). Do submit your application early to accommodate the additional time that might be needed for the workflow and approval process in RISE.

Important Dates for AY2023/24 Application

Applications Open20 February 2023
NTU COIL Grant Information Session 
21 February 2023
To watch the pre-recorded video, please click here.
Application Closing Date
12 May 2023, 05:00pm

* For information on the support provided for COIL grant applications, see Section 8 of the COIL Grant Guidelines.
Administrative Checks
May/June 2023

** Pre-recorded video presentation to be submitted within one week of notification.
Feedback & Revision (shortlisted projects)
July to August 2023
Result Announcement
By September 2023
Course Development Commencement
From the date of award
Course CompletionBy 30 June 2025 

* Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact the COIL grant administrator before submitting their proposal in order to receive feedback and advice on their grant preparation. Applicants may also contact OGEM for advice on ACI program ideas and assistance in identifying potential partner institution students to join the classes.

** Following the administrative checks to ensure that the application form required information is complete, instructions will be given on how to submit the pre-recorded video presentation. Please complete the video presentation within one week of receiving notification.

Email COILGrant@ntu.edu.sg if you have any questions regarding this grant.

Useful Resources

a) Online resource on how to design a course using the Constructive Alignment framework: https://www.ntu.edu.sg/education/teaching-learning/teaching-and-learning-resources 

b) Outcomes-Based Teaching & Learning: “A Guide to Course Design – 1hr”: access via NTU Workday Portal & search for “OBTL” under Learning.

c) Sign up for Online Course on “How to Deliver and Design Effective Online Lessons” (3 to 4-hr): email facultydevelopment@ntu.edu.sg

d) NTU Existing Partner List: Click here to view the existing partner list.

e) NTU COIL Grant FAQs: Click here.