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NTU Library provides seamless access to information, knowledge and library services which support the learning, teaching and research needs of the NTU community. It comprises seven libraries managed by the Office of Information, Knowledge and Library Services (OIKLS) and is guided by the University Library Committee (ULC) in charting its overall direction and alignment with the University’s strategic plans. Student leaders from across the University also represent their communities' interests through the Student Library Council (SLC).




NTU Library campus map.
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1. Art, Design & Media Library
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2. Business Library
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2a. Library Instructional Commons
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3. Chinese Library
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4. Communication & Information Library
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5. Humanities & Social Sciences Library
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6. Lee Wee Nam Library
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7. Library Outpost
LHS-01-03 (The Hive) 
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Renovation works at Communication & Information Library from Dec 2021 to Jan 2022

Communication & Information Library will be undergoing renovation works at some of its spaces from Dec 2021 to Jan 2022. We apologise for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we redesign our spaces for a better user experience.


Lee Wee Nam Library

Lee Wee Nam Library

Highlights: A variety of collaborative learning spaces, exhibition spaces, quiet and relaxation spaces, high-end computers, recording room.

Collections: Engineering and science.

Art, Design & Media Library

Art, Design & Media Library

Highlights: Open study spaces, cinema room and individual AV viewing stations.

Collections: Visual arts, architecture, drawing, design, illustration, painting, photography, audio-visual materials.

Business Library

Business Library

Highlights: Collaborative spaces, quiet spaces, individual study rooms, business lounge with Bloomberg and Datastream terminals.

Collections: Accounting, banking, business law, entrepreneurship, finance, hospitality management, international business, management, marketing and strategy.

Chinese Library

Chinese Library

Highlights: Rare thread-bound books – Kangxi Dictionary, Imperial Collection of Four and more.

Collections: Chinese language materials covering Chinese literature, history, philosophy, religion, linguistics, politics, economy, sociology and management science.

Communication & Information Library

Communication & Information Library

Highlights: Archive of final year projects by communication students.

Collections: Mass communication and media, information sciences, communication research, media law and ethics.

Humanities & Social Sciences Library

Humanities & Social Sciences Library

Highlights: Singapore Collection and Singapore Literature Collection.

Collections: Psychology, sociology, history, linguistics, literature, philosophy and public administration.

Library Outpost

Library Outpost

Highlights: Café-style seating and lounging spaces, diverse audio-visual materials.

Collections: Audio-visual collection and Course Reserves for HSS and NBS.

All libraries are closed on public holidays. Please check announcements on Library homepage for changes in opening hours. For actual dates of semester and vacation periods, refer to NTU's Academic Calendar.


Monday - Friday8:30 am - 9.30 pm
Saturday8:30 am - 5:00 pm
(Communication & Information Library closes at 1:00 pm)



Monday - Friday8:30 am - 7:00 pm
(Art, Design & Media Library and Communication & Information Library closes at 5:00 pm)
8:30 am - 5:00 pm
(Closed: Art, Design & Media Library and Communication & Information Library)



  •  Photocopying and network printing services will stop 30 minutes before the Library closes.
  •  Level 5 of Lee Wee Nam Library closes 15 minutes earlier.


    Lee Wee Nam Library Extended Hours:

    Period: 20 Mar to 4 May 2023
    Closed on Public Holidays: 7 Apr (Good Friday), 22 Apr (Hari Raya Puasa), and 1 May (Labour Day).

    Monday - Friday8:30 am - 11:30 pm
    Saturday8:30 am - 7:00 pm
    Sunday9:30 am - 7:00 pm

    Level 5 of Lee Wee Nam Library closes 15 minutes earlier. 

    Services available during extended hours:

    1. The following are available at all times during the library's opening hours:
      • PCs
      • Self-check machines
      • Self-service photocopying
      • Network printing
    2. The main printing room will be closed during extended hours (9:30 pm - 11:30 pm) on weekdays, but will be open during the weekends.
    3. Facilities at Level 2 Collaboration Space are not available during extended hours.


    Take a walk down memory lane with NTU Library as it crosses important milestones from 1981 to the present.



    Mr Lee Wee Nam

    A successful businessman from humble beginnings, Mr Lee Wee Nam (1880-1964) was a firm believer of education, especially that of young women. He was involved in setting up the Ngee Ann Girls’ School and Nanyang University. He sat on the committees of the Nan Hwa Girls’ School and the Chinese High School. In recognition of the generous $10 million donation by the family of the late Mr Lee, the main NTU Library was renamed Lee Wee Nam Library on 2 November 2001. In 2007, the family made another donation to establish the Lee Wee Nam Science and Technology Library Collection Endowment Fund. Learn more about our benefactor at Lee Wee Nam: Life and Times of a Philanthropist.

    Mr Lee Wee Nam exhibition collage.


    Mr Lim Hong Too, Founding University Librarian

    Mr Lim Hong Too, founding University Librarian of NTU Library, shares his unique experience on building an academic library from scratch and the challenges faced as the industry moves towards automation and digitalisation. This video interview project is one of NTU Library’s effort to preserve its institutional memory. Watch the interview here.

    Interview with founding University Librarian Mr Lim Hong Too.


    NTU Library - Evolving with you, 30 years and counting

    Over the past 30 years, NTU Library has grown and developed alongside the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) community - constantly rejuvenating our spaces and keeping up with the latest technological trends to provide seamless access to our resources with the changing needs of our users.

    Watch the video below for a walk down memory lane.

    Read the story of NTU Library's technological milestones through time.


    Statistical Profile for Library Resources (FY21/22)

    Books (print)810,453
    Books (electronic)1,184,946
    Audio-visual materials68,240
    Periodical titles (print & electronic)118,760
    Deposits in repository (Scholarly Publications and Theses)99,567
    Research data files58,700
    Research datasets


    Statistical Profile for Library Resources (FY20/21)

    Books (print)809,482
    Books (electronic)1,068,323
    Audio-visual materials68,834
    Periodical titles (print & electronic)109,064
    Deposits in repository (Scholarly Publications and Theses)91,999
    Research data files40,095
    Research datasets

    Statistical Profile for Library Spaces (2020)

    All Libraries in total15,229
    Lee Wee Nam Library7,895
    Business Library2,735
    Art, Design and Media Library1,295
    Chinese Library1,040
    Humanities and Social Sciences Library953
    Library Instructional Commons582
    Library Outpost375
    Communication & Information Library354


    Statistical Profile for Library Resources (AY18/19)

    Books (print)827,688
    Books (electronic)1,024,123
    Audio-visual materials91,390
    Periodical titles (print & electronic)103,672
    Deposits in repository83,585
    - Student theses and reports55,433
    - Staff publications22,623
    - Research data files5,529

    The use of library resources and are governed by policies to ensure responsible utilisation by members.


    The Library is privileged to be the beneficiary of many generous hearts who have contributed to its development through the years with monetary gifts and book donations.


    Giving to Library Enhancement & Development Fund

    The Library Enhancement and Development Fund was created with donations from individuals, organisations, NTU faculty, administrative staff, alumni and students. It is used to develop information resources, services and facilities at NTU Library.

    Make a difference today by donating to the Library Enhancement and Development Fund.


    Gift of Endowment Funds

    1. Lee Wee Nam Science & Technology Library Collection Endowment Fund

    This Endowment Fund donated by the Lee Wee Nam family in 2007 enables the Library to:

    • Increase the range and depth of engineering and science books.
    • Provide access to a wider selection of e-books and other electronic resources, particularly in non-mainstream disciplines.
    • Develop programmes and resources to increase usage of science and engineering literature.

    Resources acquired with this fund augment the Library’s current collection and continue to benefit future generations of NTU students, researchers and faculty.

    2. Annie Tan (Mrs Wan Boo Sow) Chinese Book Collection

    This Endowment Fund donated by the Wan Boo Sow family in 2010 enhances the Library’s Chinese book collection in the following areas:

    • Chinese books with subject matters relating to Singapore and Southeast Asia.
    • Secondary works on literature, humanities, social sciences and other disciplines which inform the study of Singapore and Southeast Asia.

    Books acquired with this fund will benefit all users involved in studying, teaching and research activities relating to Singapore and Southeast Asia.

    If you would like to explore ways to give to the Library, please contact the NTU Development Office on a range of opportunities or browse the Frequently Asked Questions on giving to NTU.


    Gift of Books & Materials

    The Library recognises that donations complement, broaden and enrich its collections. However, with limited space and resources, the Library needs be selective in accepting donation requests.

    For details on condition of books and terms of acceptance, please read the Donation of Materials to Library Policy.


    Explore opportunities to work with the Library as full-time/part-time staff or as Student Assistants. Professional and executive staff vacancies are also listed on the NTU Human Resources website. In addition, professional vacancies may be advertised through the Library Association of Singapore website.

    Current vacancies at NTU Library:

    Librarian/Senior Librarian (Resources, Discovery & Access)

    The Office of Information, Knowledge and Library Services (OIKLS) provides seamless access to information and services to support the learning, teaching and research needs of the NTU community. The Resources, Discovery and Access Team is seeking Librarian / Senior Librarian to plan, manage and supervise acquisitions-related operations, subscriptions and renewals of e-resources, coordinate the procurement and access to all library resources to enable the NTU community to find, identify, and access these materials systematically and effectively in support of their learning, teaching and research needs.


    • Plan, review and work with publishers/vendors on database renewals to provide updated and uninterrupted access to resources for faculty, researchers and students.
    • Manage and execute current collections reviews, renewals and subscriptions to relevant new resources.
    • Manage single title book purchases to meet the teaching and learning needs of faculty and students.
    • Review and execute the one-time purchases of new eBooks or eBook collections when budget surplus is available to boost our collections with new resources.
    • Oversee the deliverables and service standards of an existing technical services sub-contract project.
    • Review and monitor the updates of the financial details of each database renewal to ensure an accurate and timely budget information for decision making.
    • Analyze the acquisitions report from the Library Management system and prepare report to facilitate Team Lead on budget planning and allocation for different material types.
    • Manage and engage vendors or publishers to foster long-term partnerships and for enhanced work efficiency.
    • Review and manage with other library teams on budget planning and control of resources, discovery issues, and for resource promotion or end user training.
    • Assess donation requests and accept according to Library’s policies and procedures.


    • A recognized Bachelor’s degree (in any field).
    • Working experience with demonstrated ability in business, finance or customer service.
    • Minimum 5 years of experience working with library collections, vendors and materials budgets in an academic or research library is preferred.
    • Supervisory experience and demonstrated ability to manage staff.
    • Understanding of academic library resources and research methodologies.
    • Knowledge of collection development principles and practices.
    • Knowledge of fund accounting and library budgeting practices.
    • Excellent communication skills and a strong service-orientation.
    • Good interpersonal and collaboration skills.
    • Good organizational and time management skills.
    • Ability to manage projects and multitask.
    • Able to work effectively and independently on his/her own as well as in a team.
    • Initiative to learn and gain new knowledge and skills.
    • Wide interests and a strong sense of curiosity.
    • Able to change, adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing environment.

    To apply, please submit application, resume and cover letter here. We regret that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

    Librarian/Senior Librarian, Academic Engagement

    The Office of Information, Knowledge and Library Services (OIKLS), Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) invites applications for the position of Librarian / Senior Librarian in the Academic Engagement Team. We are looking for an individual with working experience in managing a centralized enquiry system and implementing library-faculty engagement activities and services, as well as experience in providing copyright advisories and systematic literature search services for different types of reviews.

    The successful candidate will work closely with the Team to provide general research and systematic search consultations, copyright advisories, as well as implement faculty engagement programmes. This position will have a supervisory role and report to the Team Lead of Academic Engagement in OIKLS.


    • Plan, review and manage the Central Enquiry Management System (CEMS) and enhancements with stakeholders.
    • Administer, assess and use analytics to review user needs and feedback on library services, resources and systems, formulate the findings and communicate recommended actions to internal stakeholders and management.
    • Manage the reference and research consultation (in-person/remotely) service to provide effective access to relevant information and library resources.
    • Administer and provide advice and consultation on literature reviews and systematic search strategies for research.
    • Collaborate and build relationships with faculty members to integrate library resources and services into their teaching and research.
    • Facilitate discussions with faculty and college/school administrators on new library initiatives, library collections and services.
    • Organize and conduct library orientation sessions for new faculty and new research staff.
    • Lead in library projects.


    • A recognized MSc in Information Studies (MLIS or equivalent) is preferred.
    • A recognized Bachelor’s degree in any field.
    • A minimum of 5 years of professional working experience in academic, research or special libraries.
    • Excellent communication skills and a strong service-orientation.
    • Good organizational and time management skills.
    • Able to work independently as well as in a team.

    To apply, please submit application, resume and cover letter here. We regret that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

    Librarian, Research Data Specialist

    We invite applications for the position of Research Data Specialist in our Institutional Repositories Team in the Office of Information, Knowledge and Library Services (OIKLS), Nanyang Technological University (Singapore). We are looking for an individual with exposure to administering web applications and keen to learn more on research data curation and archival in an academic setting.

    The successful candidate will work closely with the Team, to provide services that include repository application management and advocacy for researchers on data curation, data sharing, and metadata standards. This position will report to the Team Lead of Institutional Repositories in OIKLS.


    • Provide dataset and metadata curation for deposited datasets.
    • Engage and advise depositors in enhancement of metadata and appropriateness of data sharing
    • Perform enhancements, upgrades, maintenance, and troubleshooting for research data repository application
    • Liaise with the application community and implement/advocate the use of best practices and standards that accompany the application’s upgrade
    • Document processes, settings, and configuration changes of the application
    • Conduct workshops for researchers on institutional repositories related topics
    • Assist in institutional repositories and open access related roadshow talks, workshops, seminars, and other events
    • Involve in library-related projects and other ad-hoc duties


    • Master’s degree (MLIS or equivalent) is preferred.
    • 3-5 years professional experience in research data management, research data analysis or related area.
    • Experience in basic system administration, ideally in the context of web applications.
    • Working knowledge of admin APIs, bash and Python scripts, database schemas, HTTPD, Java and application logs.
    • Experience in conducting training and providing outreach services.
    • Exposure to institutional repository services or research data management.
    • Be comfortable to work within an academic library environment with a diverse population of colleagues, faculty, staff, and students.
    • Take ownership of tasks and good time management.
    • Self-motivated with independent learning skills and desire for continual life-long learning.
    • Proactive, flexible and comfortable with complexity and ambiguity.
    • Excellent communication and writing skills.
    • Knowledge of repository metadata as well as understanding of metadata fields configuration.
    • Understanding of cybersecurity issues, database tuning and database security.
    • Exposure to advanced system administration (e.g. installing or uninstalling from source).
    • Awareness of emerging trends in scholarly communications and research support.

    To apply, please submit application, resume and cover letter here. We regret that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

    Assistant Manager, User Services and Spaces

    The Office of Information, Knowledge and Library Services (OIKLS) provides seamless access to information and services to support the learning, teaching and research needs of the NTU community. The library is seeking a service-oriented, innovative and enthusiastic Assistant Manager to support the team in operations, analysing data and executing process improvements projects as well as to uphold and enhance service standards. The successful applicant will work with different stakeholders across the University in innovation-driven projects, utilize data analytics and automation to improve processes and train staff in the advancement of service standards. The incumbent should have experience in operational roles at academic or large libraries, possesses effective communication skills, data analysis skills and has a good record of initiatives in implementing service improvements. Experience in project management and knowledge in using the ALMA Library Management system will be an advantage.


    • Assist with the execution of workflow and process improvement initiatives.
    • Assist with change management processes in library operations and services.
    • Administer the operations of the library’s service points, including all Service Desks, phone lines and the online Centralized Enquiry Management System.
    • Manage the training of frontline staff and Student Assistants.
    • Maintain the Library Management System module and work closely with other offices to ensure secured, timely and seamless integration of user data with the library system.
    • Perform user data analysis and provide reports on impact of library services and enhancements for users.
    • Identify, assess and maintain consistent approaches to collation and analysis of user feedback and complaints.


    • A recognized diploma or degree in any discipline with minimum 3 years of experience
    • Project Management experience
    • Knowledge in ALMA Library Management System is an advantage
    • Proficiency in using Microsoft Excel for data analysis and visualization
    • Experience in operations or customer service role in academic libraries or large libraries is an advantage
    • Experience in executing innovation-driven or process improvements projects
    • Organized and detail-oriented with ability to analyze processes and identify areas for improvements
    • Strong communication skills in customer interactions, presentation to stakeholders and training delivery

    To apply, please submit application, resume and cover letter here. We regret that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

    Assistant Manager / Assistant Librarian, Collections Management

    The Office of Information, Knowledge, and Library Services (OIKLS) invites applications for the position of Assistant Manager / Assistant Librarian (Collections Management).

    The successful candidate will assist the Lead (Resources, Discovery & Access) to manage all operational areas of print resource acquisitions and electronic resource subscriptions in order that library collections remain updated, seamlessly accessible and relevant to the University’s teaching, learning and research goals and aspirations. The incumbent will also assist to develop and implement evidence-based collection assessment practices and methodologies for resource optimisation and budget sustainability.


    • Assist with the operational acquisition workflow of e-resources including analysing usage, gathering feedback, preparing resource evaluation reports and executing procurement processes.
    • Organise vendor/publisher meetings, assess quotations, engage in basic negotiations, review license agreement, collect usage data, and resolve access/payment issues.
    • Monitor renewal schedules, payments and expenditures to ensure adequate cashflow, smooth acquisitions and renewals as planned, and to manage end of fiscal year activities.
    • Assist with engaging multiple stakeholders such as NSS Finance on best procurement practices, e-resources promotion and feedback for decision making.
    • Assist with management of ad-hoc projects to identify new resources, review existing workflows and/or establish new procedures to improve efficiency.
    • Perform collection analytics work to assess the value and impact of library collections. This includes understanding relevant data parameters required for data collection, identifying the methods for data collection and analysis, utilising professional tools and services to gather and organise data, analysing data, share findings and proposing follow-up actions.
    • Provide training for junior staff on the acquisition and subscription workflows to ensure efficient operations and undisrupted timely user access to resources.


    • A recognised bachelor’s degree (in any field).
    • Minimum 3 years of relevant work experience and demonstrated ability in business, finance or procurement.
    • Work experience with library collection acquisitions, e-resource subscriptions, data analytics tools, scholarly publishing markets or open access will be advantageous.
    • Strong planning and organisation skills with attention to details.
    • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
    • Strong service mindset.
    • Strong working knowledge and experience in Microsoft software applications, especially Excel.
    • Team player with good interpersonal skills and able to collaborate effectively with users, colleagues and other internal and external stakeholders.
    • Adaptable to change, willing to continuously learn and keep abreast of emerging practices and technologies.

    To apply, please submit application, resume and cover letter here. We regret that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

    Senior Executive, Library

    The Office of Information, Knowledge and Library Services (OIKLS) is looking for a service-oriented staff for the Library User Services and Spaces Team. The incumbent will support library operations and help identify areas for improvements so that innovative projects can be implemented to transform library service delivery to better meet the needs of its users.

    This frontline role requires the staff to be both service and growth oriented with excellent interpersonal skills. Experience in a large service-oriented organization is preferred. The staff should be a team player, require minimal supervision and take pride in suggesting changes for process improvement or service delivery enhancements. The ability to learn and master operations of library IT systems (e.g., Alma) is also critical to implementing process improvements.


    • Assist to review, improve and streamline operational processes at the libraries with technology and to assist in change management and implementation for users when new services are launched.
    • Provide support to generate data and relevant reports from the library system for decision making by the management team.
    • Consistently upkeep and enforce the Service Standards set by the Library and recommend improvements.
    • Attend to a range of enquiries and feedback from user and assist in the use of library resources and facilities.
    • Administer access to course reserves in support of teaching and learning, including the overseeing the operations to process, track, and re-shelve reserves in a timely manner.
    • Ensure the maintenance of the libraries including basic troubleshooting of equipment and working condition of library facilities.
    • Train, manage, and participate in the assessment of a pool of Student Assistants.
    • Perform office administrative work which may include (but is not limited to) rostering of staff and Student Assistants, updating of statistics, budget tracking, procurement etc.


    • Diploma, or equivalent, preferably in library and information science or service-oriented fields.
    • At least 3 years of working experience in libraries or service-oriented organisations.
    • Familiarity with library management systems (e.g., Alma) would be beneficial.
    • Must be service or user-oriented.
    • Excellent interpersonal skills, able to engage and communicate with a wide range of users and through different mediums including face to face, written, email and telephone.
    • Excellent time management skills.
    • Requires minimal supervision.
    • Able to work well in a team.
    • Reliable, flexible, and enthusiastic.
    • Take initiative to suggest and create improvements in work.
    • Excellent IT skills and ability to master new IT applications quickly.
    • Proficient in using MS Office tools.

    To apply, please submit application, resume and cover letter here. We regret that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

    Student Assistant

    Broaden your horizons with part-time work at NTU Library (for current NTU students only).


    • Earn while you study (minimum $7 per hour)
    • ​Choose flexible work hours
    • Work on campus
    • Express your creativity
    • See your work on display
    • Gain valuable skill sets and knowledge
    • Build up your portfolio and widen your work experience​

    Requirements are detailed in the links of Library departments currently seeking Student Assistants:

    To apply, log on to Work Study Scheme.

    Office of Information, Knowledge & Library Services

    50 Nanyang Avenue, North Spine 3, Level 4, Singapore 639798

    Tel: 6790 5776
    Email: [email protected]
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    Visitors & Tours

    We welcome visits by local and international delegations and individuals from educational institutions, research institutions, and libraries who are interested to learn more about NTU Library. We will be happy to offer tours and/or briefings tailored to your interests with the appropriate staff.

    Please write to us with your preferred visit dates and any areas of interest via our online enquiry form