Admission Guide

Applicant must possess outstanding Singapore-Cambridge GCE 'A' level, Local Polytechnic Diploma, NUS High School Diploma, IB Diploma or equivalent qualifications.


Application Process

  1. Complete the online undergraduate application form.
  2. Indicate your interest for the CN Yang Scholars Programme in the form. 
  3. Submit scholarship application for CN Yang Scholars Programme Scholarship (CNYSPS) if you want to be considered for the scholarship under Scholarship Section. Applicants who do not apply for the CN Yang Scholars Programme Scholarship (CNYSPS) will not be considered for the scholarship.

Shortlisted candidates will be notified for an interview.

Recipients with an external scholarship are welcome to apply.

Candidates are allowed to accept the CNYSP offer (without scholarship) with scholarships administered by NTU or an external organisation as listed here.

Eligible Undergraduate Programmes for CNYSP

For a successful application, the applicant must be enrolled in any of the following courses at NTU:

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Bioengineering
  • Biological Sciences
  • Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
  • Chemistry & Biological Chemistry
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  • Environmental Earth Systems Science
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Information Engineering & Media
  • Materials Engineering
  • Mathematical Sciences
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Physics & Applied Physics

Second Major in Data Analytics for the above programmes from AY2023-24 onwards.

Second Major in Sustainability for the above programmes from AY2024-25 onwards.


CN Yang Scholars are not eligible for the following programmes:

  • Renaissance Engineering Programme (REP)
  • Turing AI Scholars Programme (TAISP)
  • University Scholars Programme (USP)
  • Integrated Programme (BSc & MSc) from the School of Biological Sciences and School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
  • Integrated Programmes from Schools of Engineering
  • Double Degree Programmes
  • Double Major Programmes
  • Programmes with Business Major
  • Programmes with a Second Major (not listed under the course eligibility above)


Scholarship Application

Find out how to apply for the scholarship here.