​​​​​​​Dear Alumni,

Greetings from the CNYSP office!

Congratulations on your graduation. You are now ready to embark on your bigger adventure realizing your dreams and contributing to society.

Now that you have graduated from your undergraduate studies in CNYSP, we would like to welcome you into the CNYSP Alumni Association (CNYSAA). We take great pride in our Alumni and would love to hear from you!

The CNYSAA was formed in March 2014 by some CNYSP Alumni aiming to maintain a close relationship between the alumni and the CNYSP, as well as engaging them in our alumni activities, such as the annual Homecoming events (Please click here for more information on the CNYSAA committee). 

We understand that most of you are overseas working or pursuing your Doctorate programme. We hope that you could inspire your juniors by sharing your experience in your work or higher studies. If you are pursuing your PhD in NTU, you may want to mentor the juniors in some of the CNYSP module, or the Garage projects (Please click here ​​for more information about our Garage).​

Please do connect with us through:

E-​​​​​​mail: [email protected]
​Tel: 6513 2185

Stay tuned for more exciting programmes to come!

Best Wishes,
CNYSP Office