Over the years, the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences has grown to become an integral pillar of the Nanyang Technological University education structure driving both educational excellence and interdisciplinary research to give students a multifaceted learning experience.

Home to over 6,000 undergraduate and graduate students, we act as a dynamic interface between several major disciplines in our four distinct schools and three centres. The College continues to offer well-balanced programmes that foster a culture of excellence, intellectual rigour, global insight and creativity.

With a wide range of Majors, Integrated Second Majors, Second Majors, Minors, and an expansive list of modern languages, CoHASS offers students an environment to fully cultivate their skills, expand their worldview and make a positive difference.

HASS It All: Your future starts here!

Why Choose NTU Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences


7 of our majors are ranked in the world’s top 50 by the QS World University Rankings (by Subject) 2022


We place strong emphasis on analytic and communicative competence as a desired learning outcome

Global Perspectives

Our programmes promoting internationalisation and cross-cultural understanding enable students to grow as thoughtful citizens of the world

Top-Notch Faculty

Our burgeoning faculty of arts, humanities and social science scholars encourage critical thinking and guide students to realise their potential

The CoHASS Experience

Our Centre for Modern Languages provide students from across the university with a choice of courses in Asian and/or European languages. Courses in the following languages are available, from introductory to advanced levels:

  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Hindi
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Latin
  • Malay
  • Russian
  • Singapore Sign Language
  • Spanish
  • Tamil
  • Thai
  • Vietnamese

The Language and Communication Centre teaches English language-based courses, where students learn to communicate ideas through writing and speaking in a variety of settings. The courses combine theory with hands-on practice and group work to allow for the lively exchange of ideas.

The Communication Cube is dedicated to raising the standards of writing and communication among our students. Students can discuss their papers with trained peer tutors, sharpening how they formulate their ideas, marshal evidence and present their arguments.

GO-FAR (Going Overseas for Advanced Reporting)
An advanced journalism programme for WKWSCI students pursuing the journalism track. Go-Far is a hands-on journalism module where students act as foreign correspondents overseas under the supervision of a professor.

At the end of the assignment, students are expected to produce a professional journalistic work either in print, radio or photography. Bhutan, Japan, Sweden, Iran, Estonia and Germany are some countries covered.


Cannes Lions InternationalOver a week in the French city of Cannes, students learn from leaders in creative communication, legacy brand owners and renowned personalities, while immersing in experiential marketing and networking with media and creative professionals.


ODYSSEE (Overseas Documentaries You Should See)
Students look at an overseas city or a country and its people for inspiration, personal stories and authenticity, brain-storming for and pitching interesting story ideas while organising logistics of the trip, before heading overseas for their fieldwork.


Overseas Film FestivalStudents acquire critical perspectives on the history and theory of film festivals through direct, hands-on experience by meeting and engaging with professionals globally in prestigious international film festivals from Busan to New York.

Students at the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences are characterised by their ease in bridging international and intellectual borders.

The GEM Explorer Programme allows students to take courses in an overseas partner institution for one full semester, without paying additional tuition fees. This programme is offered at over 320 partner universities, across more than 40 countries. Students enjoy opportunities to build an international network, broaden their perspectives and connect with different people from diverse cultures.

The GEM Discoverer Summer Studies programme allows undergraduates to travel overseas during their summer break for about four to six weeks while earning academic credits. Students in this programme join prestigious overseas universities in Asia, Europe and the Americas, and participate in programmes that are related to academic coursework, cultural immersion or language instruction.

Writers-in-Residence Programme
Students who aspire to be authors, novelists, or screenwriters, can look forward to learning from renowned writers from around the world. Together with the National Arts Council, the School of Humanities runs two major creative writing programmes in Chinese and English, hosting local and international writers who have displayed creative excellence. While working on their literary projects, our visiting writers will mentor students in creative writing, offering their expertise on literary techniques and the publishing process.

Artists-in-Residence ProgrammeThe Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA), led by the School of Art, Design and Media, runs an international artist residency programme, which contributes to the production and creation of works by established and emerging artists, both local and international. Through this programme, students can expect to learn directly from these established artists. CCA hosts up to nine such artists at any one time.

Multidisciplinary Excellence

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Our Double Major programmes are designed to give students the opportunity to study multiple subjects at an advanced level.

The Double Major Programme is a four-year direct honours degree programme. Undergraduate students will read two majors chosen from among the disciplinary strengths of the four schools in the College, namely, the School of Art, Design and Media, School of Humanities, School of Social Sciences, and Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information.

Unlike the existing single discipline-based degrees, this degree will feature two distinct majors within an innovative new structure. As such this is a fully conceived double-disciplinary degree. Students will be admitted into this Double Major degree programme at the point of entry to NTU, and declare their two majors at this point.

More information on the Double Majors can be found here.

Students in the single major programme can also expand their horizons by reading courses from another discipline through the pairing of a Second Major or multiple minors.

Career and Internship Opportunities

Due to the industry-relevance nature of our programmes, CoHASS graduates are highly sought after and has quickly gain employment within six months after graduation. This is reflected through the high percentages attained in the Graduate Employment Survey conducted by the Ministry of Education, Singapore.

Professional attachments or internships are a key aspect of undergraduate education at NTU. The exposure and experience gained will aid students during their transition into the working world after graduation.

Students matriculating from AY2021 onwards will have a compulsory internship component embedded within their curriculum, forming part of their graduation requirement.

A quick guide on the internship requirements for each school is as below:

School 5 AU
11 AU
12 AU
Period of Internship
ADM Y  May to July
SOH Y YBased on student’s study plan
SSS Y YBased on student’s study plan
WKWSCI  Y January to June

Students will also have the opportunity to engage with a career coach from the Career and Attachments Office on their career matters.