The matriculation card identifies you as an NTU student and is used to access campus facilities, book sports equipment or borrow books from the libraries. Your matriculation card is also enabled with NETS Flashpay which means you can use it to make cashless payments at shops within and outside campus, and when taking public buses and MRT trains.

PRINTING OF MATRICULATION CARD (Applicable to Undergraduate students and Returning NSMen)

Please perform the following actions here in the given order within 2 working days after obtaining your matriculation number.

1. Confirm your name (including its sequence) matches the one printed on your NRIC/ passport: 
     Please proceed to upload an image of your NRIC (for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents)/
     passport information page (for other nationalities) at the item titled ‘Upload NRIC’ or ‘Provide
     Passport Details’ within 2 working days after obtaining your matriculation number. Otherwise, your 
     matriculation card will not be ready in time and you will only receive your card after the scheduled
     collection period.

2.  Upload a recent passport-sized photograph for your matriculation card:
      The photograph must meet the following requirements:
      • 354 pixels wide by 472 pixels high (or 35 mm wide by 45 mm high) without border and taken within
          the last three months;
      • taken full face without headgear, unless the applicant habitually wears a headgear in accordance with
          religious or racial customs. The headgear must not hide the applicant's facial features;
      •  the facial image must be between 25 mm and 35 mm from chin to crown;
      •  coloured photograph taken against plain white background with a matt or semi-matt finish; and

      •  the image must not contain any shadow in the background.

COLLECTION OF MATRICULATION CARD (Applicable to Undergraduate and Postgraduate students)

If you had matriculated and completed all the required procedures within the stipulated matriculation period, your matriculation card will be ready for collection based on the following schedule:

Undergraduate Freshmen
Collection Schedule & Venue for Full-time Students
Collection Schedule & Venue for Part-time Students

Postgraduate New Students

For locations of the collection venues, please check the NTU Campus Map.

Please collect your matriculation card in person and bring along your identity card (for Singaporeans, Singapore Permanent Residents or Malaysians) or passport (for International students who are non-Malaysians) for verification during collection.

For students who matriculate after the stipulated matriculation period and returning NSMen, you will receive email notification (sent to your NTU email account) to collect their card from One Stop @ SAC instead of the School, please login and make an online appointment at the One Stop portal ahead of the visit.