Matriculation and Candidature

Matriculation is a formal process where a person registers for study at the University and thus becomes a member of the University student community. All students enrolling in NTU academic programmes that lead to the award of a degree must matriculate with the University before commencing their studies.

A person's status as a matriculated student will cease when he completes his study and is conferred his degree, or if he opts to withdraw from his study, or when his candidature is terminated by the University.

Matriculation carries with it the agreement to abide by University rules and regulations, and codes of conduct. This includes payment of any fees required by the University.

Click here for matriculation procedures

Click here for matriculation procedures

Students are responsible for keeping their personal particulars updated in the University's records in a timely manner, and to update their particulars whenever there are changes. The University will not be accountable for delayed or lost correspondence due to incorrect or outdated students' addresses or contacts. NTU students can access the Intranet portal for the procedures.

Applicants or freshmen who have yet to matriculate are to notify the Office of Admissions of changes in their particulars at (local qualifications) or (international qualifications).


Existing students may apply to change their programme within NTU during the application period prior to the start of each semester. The outcome is subject to the approval of the School(s) of both the current and new programme. NTU students can access Intranet portal for details.

For freshmen, they may enquire and apply directly with the Office of Admissions at or by Teaching Week 2 of their first semester.

Short-term leave during the Semester

You must submit your medical certificates or apply for short-term leave of absence with your School if you cannot attend classes on the following occasions:

  • On days when there are laboratory sessions.
  • On days when quizzes or tests are conducted during classes.
  • On any occasion during the professional internship - students must submit leave application or medical certificate via the online internship system, InPlace at
  • On any other occasions that tutor(s) or lecturer(s) deemed as compulsory for students' attendance.

NTU students can access Intranet portal for details and application for short-term leave during the semester.

Leave of Absence for an Entire Semester

Any student who seeks a leave of absence from any programme of study for an entire semester shall submit an application to the University stating the reasons and the period for which such leave is required.            

A student who is not granted leave of absence but is absent for any period shall be deemed to have withdrawn from the University and shall have no automatic right of re-admission to the University.

Freshmen are not allowed to take LOA in their first semester of studies, except arising from extenuating circumstances (ie. medical reasons). For such cases, please submit your LOA application to the School for review.

Students who apply for leave of absence after the second teaching week of the semester will be liable to pay the fees for the entire semester.

NTU students can access Intranet portal for details and application for leave of absence for an entire semester.

Students are advised to consult their academic mentor in School before making an application for withdrawal from the University.  For students who may be experiencing emotional or psychological issues, and would like to receive professional counselling, they may contact the University Wellbeing Centre

Students who apply for withdrawal from the University after the second teaching week of the semester will be liable to pay the tuition fees for the entire semester.

NTU students can access Intranet portal for further details.

Students who have not matriculated and do not wish to enrol in NTU may notify the Office of Admissions in writing at (Local Qualifications) or (International Qualifications).

Procedures for New Graduate Students Admitting in Trimester 2 of Academic Year 2021-2022

 1. Please perform the following actions before matriculation:
 i)Accept Offer of Admission
 ii)Declaration of Codes of Conduct and Compliances
 iii)Note Matriculation Number and Verify Name
 iv)Select Matric Card Design

Select username for network account and change password.  Refer to the procedures here
and proceed to change your password.

  If you encounter issues, please contact IT Service Desk at 6790 4357 or via the form.  

The network account is activated 1 working day after you accept your offer online

Important Note:

Check that your name (including its sequence) matches the one printed on your NRIC/ passport. Your name displayed in the online acceptance page will be used to print your student card and academic transcript, and in official documents/correspondences by the University. Should there be any discrepancy in your name, please notify the University within 2 working days after your acceptance and provide your matriculation number and the supporting documents.

If there are any subsequent amendments to your name after your card is printed, you will need to apply for a replacement student card with a fee of $32.10 (inclusive of GST) via GSLink> Administrative Matters> Apply for replacement of matric card.


2. Matriculate Online

The matriculation period will take place:

Students Admitting Matriculation Dates
Trimester 2 AY2021-2218 and 19 October 2021 (10am to 10pm)

If you obtain your matriculation number after the matriculation period for your respective programme, please matriculate one working day after you have selected your network account.


Please click here to perform the Matriculation online.


3. Graduate Student Link (GSLink)

The GSLink is a one-stop service point for Graduate Students, offering administrative and transactional services such as for registration of courses, checking of examination results, and updating of personal particulars. Your GSLink account will be updated by the timeline indicated:

Admission TermTimeline
Trimester 2 AY2021-22

8 Nov 2021
For International students:
By 8 Nov 2021, or 7 workdays after the approval of student pass (whichever is later)


4. Collect Matric Card
The matriculation card identifies you as an NTU student and is used to access campus facilities, book sports equipment or borrow books from the libraries. Your matriculation card is also enabled with NETS Flashpay which means you can use it to make cashless payments at shops within and outside campus, and when taking public buses and MRT trains.
Please collect your matriculation card in person according to the following schedule.

For locations of the collection venues, please check the NTU Campus Map.

Bring along your identity card (for Singaporeans, Singapore Permanent Residents) or passport (for International students) for verification during collection.


5. Arrangement for Academic Year 2021 Classes

Lessons may be a mix of online and face-to-face learning. Lectures may be conducted on-campus, or online, or a mix of both. Seminars, tutorials and lab work are mostly conducted on campus, unless advised otherwise by the respective Schools/ instructors.  Safe management measures will be observed for on-campus lessons including not more than 50 students for in-person classes, safe distancing, wearing a mask at all times, and TraceTogether-only SafeEntry for check-in and check-out. The mode of lesson is indicated against the course in the registration system. For any clarifications, students may refer to the respective course site in NTULearn or contact the course instructor. As the situation evolves and the teaching week progresses, there may be adjustments made to the mode of lessons. 

The recommended requirements on the devices for online learning and assessments, as follows:

Device 1 - Laptop/Desktop Computer:
  • Processor: Intel i5, 4 cores, 6th generation or higher; AMD Ryzen 5 or higher
  • Memory: 8GB RAM
  • Webcam: minimum resolution of 720p
  • Microphone
  • Speaker/earphone
  • Broadband Internet Connection (minimum bandwidth 800 kbps; recommended 1.5Mbps) or Mobile Network (minimum 4G/LTE) - from hostel or home

Device 2 - E.g. mobile phone/tablet for Online Assessment Monitoring (if required)


  • iOS 8.x and higher; iPadOS 13.x and higher; Android 7.0 or higher
  • Webcam
  • Microphone
  • Speaker/earphone
  • Broadband Internet Connection (minimum bandwidth 600 kbps, recommended 1.2 Mbps) or Mobile Network (minimum 4G/LTE) – from hostel or home