Published on 09 Nov 2021

‘Smart’ window blocks rays without blocking views

An international research team led by scientists from NTU Singapore has invented a ‘smart’ window material that controls heat transmission without blocking views, which could help cut the energy required to cool and heat buildings.

Developed by NTU researchers, the new energy-saving material for electrochromic (EC) windows that operates at the flick of a switch is designed to block infrared radiation - which is the major component of sunlight that emits heat.

The invention could block up to 70 per cent of infrared radiation according to experimental simulations without compromising views through the window since it allows up to 90 per cent of visible light to pass through.

The material is also about 30 per cent more effective in regulating heat than commercially available electrochromic windows and is cheaper to make due to its durability.

The new electrochromic technology may help conserve energy that would be used for the heating and cooling of buildings and could contribute to the future design of sustainable green buildings, say the research team.  

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