Published on 23 Mar 2022

$1 million target for NTU’s first Giving Day

NTU is set to raise $1 million on its inaugural Giving Day, a 12-hour hybrid fundraising drive on 23 March.

The NTU Giving Day brings together the entire University community to celebrate the impact of giving and support critical causes of the University.

It marks the culmination of the University's maiden We Belong campaign, as part of its 30th anniversary celebrations.

Donors can designate their gifts to any fund of their choice, such as the NTU Bursary Fund, NTU Priorities Fund, NTU Sustainability Fund and School Advancement Funds.

The funds raised will be channelled towards students’ financial aid and support for the University’s colleges, schools and programmes on campus.

NTU Giving Day marks the third and final community engagement initiative under the University's new "We Belong" campaign that aims to encourage students, employees and alumni to give back and propel the community forward through volunteer service and fundraising.

It saw fun and exciting programmes and performances lined up for the entire day featuring alumni, students, faculty and staff coming together to support important causes of the University.

For more information, visit the We Belong website.

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