Published on 10 Dec 2022

Prof Wang Rong recognised with President’s Technology Award

Professor Wang Rong, President's Chair for Civil and Environmental Engineering, has been awarded the President's Technology Award at this year’s President's Science and Technology Awards – the nation's highest honours bestowed on exceptional #research scientists and engineers.

The award recognises Prof Wang's outstanding contributions to the field of membrane #science and #technology, which includes the development of novel membranes for use in applications such as energy-efficient desalination, water reclamation and wastewater treatment over the last 14 years at NTU Singapore.

Among her innovations is a new type of bio-programmable membrane that has improved water permeability, which in turn reduces the energy needed for pumping in the reverse osmosis process by up to 50 per cent for both wastewater treatment and desalination.

This next-generation membrane technology is currently being tested at a pilot scale in partnership with national water agency PUB and its success will support Singapore’s drive towards water sustainability and net zero carbon emissions.

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