Published on 10 Jun 2021

NTU students Whizzing ahead with foodpanda

Whizz Mobility, a student start-up at NTU Singapore, is partnering food and grocery delivery platform foodpanda to offer on-demand delivery on campus.

This collaboration taps on Whizz’s fleet of self-driving delivery robots called the FoodBot. These semi-autonomous robots will function as delivery riders and will be controlled by a backend operator to accept orders.

It builds on a successful ongoing pilot that Whizz has been running since June last year with Cates, a food delivery mobile app developed by NTU-incubated start-up Wecome. So far, the FoodBots have delivered over 10,000 lunch and dinner orders to designated collection points at selected times on the NTU campus.

With its robots operating for two different food delivery platforms Cates and foodpanda, Whizz is expected to see a four-fold increase in the delivery area covered and the number of customers served, compared to when Whizz first rolled out its FoodBots.

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