Campus Security Division

Report Security Incident

Please report within 24 hours.

If you require medical attention, please visit the University Clinic during Office Hours or the nearest Hospital A&E department.

Campus Security Policy

1.1 The purpose of the Campus Security Policy is to facilitate a safe and secure environment for students, faculty, staff and campus visitors of the Nanyang Technological University. 

1.2 This Policy defines the roles and responsibilities of relevant persons. 

2.1 NTU is an open and porous campus 200 hectares in size and accessible to the public. The roads within the campus are openly accessible to vehicles and two public buses ply the roads bringing people into campus, and vice-versa.

2.2 NTU comprises of about 32,000 students and 8,300 employees. It is also a second home for about 16,000 students and 760 faculty staff and their families who reside on campus. This policy aims to outline the measures to create a safe and secure learning, working and living environment for the NTU community.

2.3 The core provisions of this policy are the responsibilities of the University via the Campus Security Division (CSD) and of all persons and the guiding principles in the handling of incidents to safeguard the safety and the security of individuals and the University premises.

3.1 The policy is applicable to students, employees, contractors and visitors while they are on NTU’s Yunnan campus, excluding NIE compounds. The powers for CSD officers spelt out in this policy are also applicable to the security officers in NTU@one-north and Alumni House at Marina Square where deployed.

4.1 The definitions of terms used in this document are as follows: 

(a)   Duty Officer: CSD’s Operations Officer assigned to lead a team of officers performing shift duties and to take charge of incident-handling and submitting of reports to CSD’s management and relevant stakeholders etc.

(b)   Emergency: Incidents that lead to serious injury to people or loss of life, or serious damage to property.

(c)    Unit is defined as the various colleges, schools, departments, centres, and tenants in NTU. 

CSD officers conduct surveillance using the CCTV system and intrusion detection systems installed at strategic locations around the campus. They will attend to the activation of the alarms to resolve any security issue.

5.1 Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

NTU uses CCTV systems around the campus covering many of the common and vulnerable areas and public access points into NTU. They act as a deterrence against crime and support post-incident investigations. The images captured are recorded and retained in the event that they may be needed as evidence of criminal activity. The CCTV system and all its recordings are owned by NTU. The CCTV in the tenanted areas are owned by the tenants.

5.2 Privacy and Disclosure of Images

All images from the CCTV system are treated in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (“PDPA”). Requests to view recorded images must be made to the Head of CSD.

5.3          Security Patrols

Security Officers carry out regular patrols around the campus to deter and detect criminal activity. They will also carry out covert operations if necessary as part of efforts to keep the campus crime-free.

5.4          Investigation

Under powers vested by the University, CSD is authorized to conduct investigations into incidents reported and to submit the findings and reports to the relevant stakeholders, and if necessary, to senior management. CSD will also liaise with the Police and provide support in their investigations.

5.5          Provision of Particulars

Students and staff may be required to provide their particulars when lodging a report with CSD or when CSD is investigating into an incident. The particulars may include name, matriculation number, address and contact number. If there is a need to collect their NRIC or FIN number, such data shall be collected in accordance with the PDPA.

6.1          Security Risk Analysis

All schools and departments are responsible for assessing and mitigating security related risks arising from their activities and events, including applying for the necessary licences from the authorities. 

6.2 Security Awareness and Reporting of Incidents

All persons on campus must report any incident of crime and suspicious activity (even if not of a criminal nature) or suspicious items to CSD at its 24/7 hotline 67905200 immediately.

Schools and departments or individuals responsible for an activity that may impact on the security of the campus must also report this to CSD.

6.3          Personal Security

NTU is an open campus and whilst it is the responsibility of CSD to provide a safe and secure environment, it is the responsibility of all to take all reasonable measures to ensure their own personal security. 

6.4          Students and Staff

All schools and departments shall provide security briefs to students and staff during their induction period.

7.1          NTU Identity Cards

All students and staff are required to carry their matriculation cards or staff cards with them at all times while on campus. Such identification cards must be produced when requested by CSD officers or University-authorised personnel to determine the person’s identity and the reason for being at the premises. The identity card remains the property of NTU.

7.2          Lost Cards

All lost NTU ID cards must be reported to the relevant issuer (One Stop@SAC for students and Office of Human Resources for staff) immediately to prevent misuse by unauthorised individuals.

7.3          Access Levels and Authorization

Unit Heads are to provide authorization in writing to ODFM  of appropriate access levels for personnel allowed into their premises using the electronic card readers. They should report any malfunction of the electronic card readers to Fault Reporting Centre promptly. Unit Heads should ensure that doors with electronic locks in their premises are not jammed or left open for an extended period of time. 

Students and staff are encouraged to familiarize themselves on what to do in an emergency: 

They should also familiarize themselves with the 24/7 hotline of NTU Campus Security Division, which is 67905200.

8.1          CSD operates NTU’s security hotline 67905200 round-the-clock. Upon receiving a call of an incident, the CSD’s Duty Officer will dispatch CSD officers to the scene to deal with the incident. For serious and emergency cases, the Duty Officer will call the Police and/or SCDF accordingly.

8.2          In an emergency, any student or staff can also call the Police at 999 or SCDF at 995 directly and notify the CSD’s hotline.

8.3          When an incident is reported to CSD, CSD will follow its Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to deal with the situation. CSD officers will respond to an incident, gather facts and evidence at the scene, conduct interviews and internal investigations.

8.4          If the student or staff also chooses to report the incident to the Police, CSD will assist the Police in their investigations.

8.5          CSD officers will then carry out the immediate response and take necessary escalation to senior management according to established SOP.

9.1          Senior Management

Senior Management is responsible for ensuring that:

(a)   adequate resources are made available for managing the risk arisng from security related issues with NTU; and

(b)   all personnel involved in implementing this policy are competent, trained and fully aware of their responsibilities.

9.2          Security Management

The security management is responsible for the development of security procedures, drafting the NTU Security Policy, and takes the lead role in its implementation.

9.3          Security Duty Officer

The Security Duty Officer will manage the day-to-day security incidents on campus and supervision of security officers.

9.4          Security Officer

Security Officer will carry out duties as defined in the operational procedures.

9.5          Deans, School Chairs and Heads of Department (HOD) and All Occupants of University Premises

Deans, School Chairs and Heads of Department (HOD) (collectively, “Unit Heads”) and/or all occupants in university buildings and Students and Staff Housing are responsible for the security within their own premises. They should promptly report any suspicious activity or character found loitering in the buildings to Campus Security Division (CSD).

9.6          Staff

All staff must be knowledgeable of and adhere to the Security Policy.

9.7          Students

Students must follow security procedures and co-operate with requests from the Campus Security, especially in emergency or evacuation situations and in investigation into offences.

9.8          Visitors

Visitors are required to follow directions from their host or CSD, particularly in an emergency and evacuation situation. Where issued, visitors must display their pass at all times. It is the responsibility of the host to ensure all visitors are informed of and comply with Campus Security Policy.