Safety is an integral part of life and work at the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. We are committed to ensuring that all research and educational activities are performed in a safe and proper way. This includes conducting safety training before beginning work in any laboratory or facility, ensuring that everyone is well-prepared to respond to an emergency, and ensuring that safety rules and regulations are followed at all times.

All staff, students, visitors and contractors are strictly required to comply with the safety rules and regulations established by the University and the School. Click on the links below to find out more.

For feedback & enquires about safety, email [email protected] or call 6537 8685.

In Case of Emergency

  • Call NTU's 24H Emergency Hotline at 6790 5200
  • Then call SPMS Safety (6537 8685) and SPMS Facilities (6537 8686)
  • Do not call Campus Fault Report (6790 4777)

SPMS Safety Objective 2022 - Behavioural Based Safety Observation (BBSO)


As part of continual improvement to our safety culture, SPMS has put in place a BBSO programme as this year’s safety objective. This safety objective had gained the highest vote by our lab safety leaders in 2021 with the purpose to demonstrate care for our staff and student, instilling safe work practices and reducing the incidence of at-risk work behaviours.  We seek your support and strong participation in this BBSO programme. Click on the link below to visit the SPMS Safety - Behavioral Based Safety Observation page.

SPMS Safety Objective 2022 - Closed