How to apply

Graduate Hall Application for AY2024-25 (Semester 1/Trimester 1 Application Window)

Eligibility & Key Dates
Eligibility Full-time graduate students who have accepted NTU/NIE’s offer for admission and will be matriculating in AY2024-25.
Application period
Existing graduate students

From 2 May 2024, 9.00am (SGT)
To 15 May 2024, 5.00pm (SGT)
Incoming graduate students
(matriculating in AY2024-25)
From 2 May 2024, 9.00am (SGT)
To 24 May 2024, 5.00pm (SGT)

Release of application outcomes
(via NTU email)

From 29 May 2024From 13 June 2024
Hall Application & Hall Acceptance Fee Payment A non-refundable Hall Application Fee of $27.25 (inclusive of GST) must be paid through the Student Housing Portal before the submitted application is considered complete and valid.

A Hall Acceptance Fee (two months’ rental fees) is payable upon acceptance of the offer for hall accommodation.
Hall FeesPlease refer to the hall fees in the Student Housing Portal for the monthly rental rates per person for AY2024-25, effective 1 August 2024. 
Check-inFrom 24 July 2024


Submit your application via the new Student Housing Portal.  Below are the 4 critical steps when applying:

Step 1: Activate Account
Ensure your Network Account ([email protected]) is activated and have your 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) ready (Microsoft Authenticator App is strongly recommended).
For information on how to activate your NTU Network Account, please click here.

Step 2: Submit your application
Apply via the Student Housing Portal and pay the Hall Application Fee of S$27.25 (inclusive of GST) during the specified application period to complete the housing application. Please note that the hall application fee is non-refundable.

Step 3: Await your application outcome
Wait for the release of your application outcome (see dates above).

Step 4: View your application outcome
- Successful: Accept your hall offer and pay your Hall Acceptance Fee via the Student Housing Portal.
- Unsuccessful: Seek alternative housing options.


  • You will need to accept NTU/NIE’s offer of course admission before you can apply for hall accommodation.
  • Applications are processed by electronic balloting and are subject to room availability. They are not processed on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Applicants can indicate one preferred room type in their application.
  • Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted. 
  • By making an application, you are agreeing to abide by the Housing Agreement and Hall Rules and Regulations.
  • The Office of Campus Housing reserves the right to reject a student’s application or remove hall tenancy if the information provided by the applicant is found to be incorrect or was misrepresented.
  • Successful applicants are required to pay a Hall Acceptance Fee (two months of rental fees) upon accepting the hall offer. The Hall Acceptance Fee will be used to cover your first two months of stay, and is non-refundable even if you decide to withdraw early from the hall.
  • By accepting the hall offer, you are committing to the full lease period offered. No refunds of hall rental fees shall be given if you decide to withdraw before the end of the lease period.


  1. I am a current resident, and my lease will be expiring after 30 June 2024. Do I need to apply for a hall place in this application exercise? 

    Current on-campus residents with leases expiring after 30 June 2024 are not required to submit their housing application in this application exercise.

  2. I am a student under the Renaissance Engineering Programme (REP). Do I still need to apply for a hall place?
    Students under the Renaissance Engineering Programme (REP) are considered as undergraduate students; therefore, their hall applications are to be submitted under the Hall Application exercise for undergraduates. Please note that the Senior Hall Application exercise for Semester 1, AY2024-25 has concluded.

  3. I am a student under NTU Graduate Students’ Association (NTUGSA)’s recommendation list for Semester 1 AY2024-25. Do I still need to apply for a hall place?

     Students who are recommended by NTUGSA for graduate housing for Semester 1 AY2024-25, must still submit their hall applications via the Student Housing Portal by the stipulated closing date and time.

    Graduate housing leases to be offered/extended will end by 13 December 2024, in line with the period of appointment. The leases may be renewed for subsequent semesters, depending on students’ good performance reviews and recommendations by NTUGSA.

  4. How can I apply for a double room with my friend?
    If you wish to stay with your friend (of the same gender) who is a current/incoming graduate student, please search for their names in the Student Housing Portal and form a roommate group with them as part of your application. Do note that both of you should have started your housing applications to be able to form the group.

    Both of you must be successful in your applications before your roommate request can be considered. A roommate shall be randomly assigned to share the room if only one of the two applicants is successful. Please note that all roommate requests are not guaranteed and are subject to room availability.

Application Process & Procedure

  1. How is my application being processed?

    Applications are processed by electronic balloting and are subject to room availability. They are not processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

  2. Can I choose a particular room?
    The allocation of the residential hall and room is done by electronic balloting. If you are successful in your application and the requested room type is unavailable, you will be assigned to another room type.

  3. What are the types of apartments available for graduate students in the different residential halls?

    Crescent, Pioneer, Binjai, Tanjong and Banyan Halls
    Apartments in these halls comprise two or three bedrooms:
    (a)   one master ensuite single room and one single room, or
    (b)   one master ensuite double room and two single rooms.

    These can accommodate up to two or four graduate students of the same gender. 

    Hall 7 and Saraca Hall
    These halls have one-bedroom apartments, which can house up to two graduate students of the same gender.

     Graduate Hall 2
    This hall has two-bedroom apartments (a master double room and a common double room), which can accommodate up to four graduate students of the same gender.

    Having been trained in one or more academic disciplines and possessing past work experience, graduate students greatly enrich and add diversity to residential life in the University. Graduate students who apply to live in residential halls where undergraduates form the majority, are expected to be active members of the community, by participating in hall activities and sharing their unique experiences with other residents. 

  4. What are my chances of getting a hall room?

     The processing of hall applications and allocation of hall places are subject to room availability, with priority being given to incoming students on research programmes who have not domiciled in Singapore before. Based on past application exercises, demand for on-campus housing far outstrips supply, with applications oversubscribed by more than three times annually.

     All applicants are strongly advised to make alternative housing plans , in the event that their residential hall application is unsuccessful. Unsuccessful applicants must seek alternative housing options immediately, even if they have been placed on the wait list.

  5. I have submitted my hall application. Can I still make changes to my application?
    You may amend and resubmit your housing application before the application deadline. The latest changes shall apply and no more changes can be made once the application deadline closes.

Application Results

  1. When will I know the results of my hall application?

    Applicants will be progressively notified via their NTU email from the following dates:

    Category of Students Results Release Date
    Existing graduate students From 29 May 2024
    Incoming graduate students (matriculating in AY2024-25) From 13 June 2024

  2. If I am unsuccessful in my application, how long do I need to wait for my turn to be offered a room?

    Unsuccessful applicants must seek alternative housing options immediately, even if they have been placed on the wait list. They will only be offered a room as and when vacancies arise, subject to room availability. The wait list will remain active until 22 September 2024.

    Students who are currently based overseas must finalise your housing arrangements before your arrival in Singapore. If you plan to stay off-campus, please start your search early and give yourself enough time to find housing that meets your needs and budget. Please beware of rental scams and false advertisements.

  3. If I am unsuccessful in my application, is there any alternative housing available within the vicinity of NTU?Students who are unsuccessful in their hall application, can consider applying to Maple Residences, a privately-run accommodation located on campus, or refer to the Alternative Housing Options webpage for more information.

MRT Construction

  1. Are any hall blocks affected by the MRT construction on campus?
    Certain hall blocks located along Nanyang Avenue, including Hall 8 (Blk 41 and 44), Hall 9 (Blk 48), Hall 10 (Blk 49), Hall 11 (Blk 53 and 56), and Binjai Hall (Blk 19A), may be affected by the Jurong Region Line MRT construction works. The works will take place both in the day and night, which may potentially affect noise levels in the vicinity.

    The Land Transport Authority has implemented measures to minimise inconvenience to residents, such as erecting temporary sound barriers, and residents will be informed in advance of the works that are being carried out. Students who plan to apply for a hall place in this vicinity are advised to refer to the MRT Construction on Campus website for details and updates, before submitting their hall application.

Financial Matters

  1. Hall rental rates were revised in the past two years. Why are they being increased further?

    As NTU continues to work towards maintaining a high standard of campus housing, like all organisations around the world, we face challenges. In the University’s context, some of our top challenges in managing student housing include the increasing operating costs of the halls of residence and higher electricity tariffs.  NTU’s hall fees will therefore be progressively increased from AY2024 to AY2026. Please see the revised hall fees for AY2024 and AY2025 on the Student Intranet.

  2. Are there any financial assistance options for students to defray housing costs?
    Eligible students who face financial difficulties in paying for the fee increase may apply for assistance under the NTU Priorities Fund. If you are facing financial challenges, please speak with your School’s Associate Chair (Students). Alternatively, you may write to OCH via Ask Campus Housing.