Bachelor of Science in Environmental Earth Systems Science and Public Policy and Global Affairs

Single Degree

Programme Type


Undergraduate Admissions

Students admitted to this multidisciplinary course will develop a strong background in quantitative environmental earth systems science and communication, public affairs, and international relations.


The joint programme will give students the opportunity to build complementary skills in leadership, group work, and innovative problem-solving, empowering the next generation of public policy makers with the tools required to face the challenges of today’s rapidly changing world. The combination of Environmental Earth Systems Science (Society and the Earth System specialisation) with Public Policy and Global Affairs is a natural choice from the Asian School of the Environment as the Society and Earth System specialisation already links well with the major in Public Policy and Global Affairs in the School of Social Sciences. 

The double major programme is extremely selective. Students will be evaluated based on an oral interview and academic background. The Bachelor of Science in Environmental Earth Systems Science and Public Policy and Global Affairs programme accepts "A" Level, IB, NUSHS Diploma, Polytechnic Diploma and other equivalent international qualifications on a selective basis. All candidates with strong academic potential who satisfy the minimum subject requirements as well as the general admission requirements set by NTU will be considered. 

A-Level Students

  • H1 Level pass in Mathematics
  • H2 Level pass in Physics or Chemistry or Biology or Economics or Computing
  • Good grade in General Paper or Knowledge & Inquiry or H1 Level History or English Literature or Geography

IB Students

  • Mathematics at Standard Level
  • Physics or Chemistry or Biology or Economics or Computer Science at Higher Level

Polytechnic Students

  • Good GPA in a relevant diploma
  • Taken at least one mathematics module


ProgrammeMajor Requirements (AUs)General Education Requirements (AUs)Total (AUs)
Environmental Earth Systems Science (EESS) + Public Policy and Global Affairs (PPGA) Core + Prescribed ElectivesFYPGER CoreGER Prescribed ElectiveGER Unrestricted Elective
57 (EESS)1093 (GER-PE-BM)6142
57 (PPGA)



Curriculum for B. Sc in Environmental Earth Systems Science and Public Policy and Global Affairs  

Academic Year 2017/18 

EESS-SES major:

Major Core (14 courses totaling 49 AUs)

Course Code 

Course Title 



E2S2 Environment and Society 


E2S2 Solid Earth 


Introductory Field Experience 


Global Climate Change: Science, Impacts, Solutions 


Computational Earth Systems Science 


E2S2 Biosphere 


Calculus for the Sciences 


Introduction to Ecology 


Law & Economics, Sustainable Development, and Environmental Protection


Global Environmental Politics and Governance 


Coupled Human and Natural Systems 


GIS and the Earth System 


Probability and Introduction to Statistics 

Major Prescribed Electives

(2 courses totalling 18 AUs inclusive of ES4002 Final Year Project or ES4003 Professional Internship)

Course Code Course Title AUs
BS1005 Biochemistry I 3
BS1008 Bioinformatics and Statistics 3
BS2002 Microbiology 3
CM1021 Basic Inorganic Chemistry 4
CM1031 Basic Organic Chemistry 4
CM1041 Basic Physical Chemistry 4
CM2011 Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 3
EM9101 Environmental Quality 3
EM9106 Environmental Impact Assessment 3
ES2002 Earth Materials 4
ES2004 Layers and Landforms 4
ES2101 Introduction to Geological Field Mapping 2
ES2301 Principles of Heredity and Ecological Genetics 4
ES2302 Introduction to Field Ecology 2
ES2801 Introduction to Natural Hazards 3
ES3002 Structural Geology and Tectonics 4
ES3003 Introduction to Geochemistry 4
ES3004 Introduction to Geophysics 4
ES3005 Advanced Field Course in Geology 5
ES3008 E2S2 Research 3
ES3101 Petroleum Geology 4
ES3301 Plant and Animal Physiology 4
ES3302 Tropical Ecology 3
ES3303 Environmental Biotechnology 3
ES3304 Advanced Field Placement in Ecology and Society 5
ES3305 Current Issues in Ecology 3
ES3306 Global Change Ecology 3
ES4002 Final Year Project 10
ES4003 Professional Internship 10
ES4004 Overseas Entrepreneurship Programme (12-month) 20
ES4006 Overseas Entrepreneurship Programme (6-month) 11
ES4008 Teaching in Environmental Earth Systems Science 4
ES4301 Conservation Biology and Biodiversity 3
ES4302 Environmental Genomics 4
ES4303 Marine and Aquatic Ecology 3
ES4901 Oceanography 3
ES4902 Geophysical Data Analysis 3
ES4903 Introduction to Atmospheric Chemistry 3
ES4910 Lithosphere Deformation Mechanics 4
ES4911 Seismology 3
HP1100 Fundamentals of Social Science Research 3
PH1104 Mechanics 3
PH1106 Electricity and Magnetism 3
PH1105 Optics, Vibrations and Waves 3
PH1107 Relativity and Quantum Physics 3
PH1801 Foundations of Physics I 3
PH1802 Foundations of Physics II
Major Prescribed Electives
(13 courses totaling 42 AUs)
10 modules from the HA2xxx and HA3xxx basket

+ 3 modules from the HA4xxx basket

Course CodeCourse TitleAUs
 Politics and International Relations 
HA2003Politics and Government in Southeast Asia3
HA2004Theories in International Relations3
HA2005Contemporary Political Theory3
HA2006The Rise of China3
HA2015China in Africa3
HA2017Foreign Policy and Analysis3
HA3003The Politics of Ethnicity3
HA3004United States and East Asia3
HA3005Politics of the Developing World3
HA3006Asian Political Thought3
HA3014Singapore's Foreign Policy3
HA3015Media and Politics3
HA3016China's Foreign Policy3
HA3018Borderless Migration3
HA3019East Asian Security3
HA3021Comparative Politics in Asia3
HA4001ASEAN in the 21st Century4
HA4002Politics of Democratization in East and West4
HA4003Globalization and East Asian Politics4
HA4004Terrorism and Security4
HA4013Advanced Topics in Democratic Theory: Democracy & Division4
HA4014European Union4
HA4016Global Cities4
 Public Policy and Administration 
HA1006Public Administration in Singapore3
HA1007Public Policy-making in Singapore3
HA2007Human Resources Management in Public Sector3
HA2008Government, Nonprofits and Society3
HA2009The Making of E-government3
HA2010Public Administration in Southeast Asia3
HA2011Cost-benefit Analysis in Public Policy3
HA2012Global Problems and Policy3
HA2013Comparative Public Policy3
HA2014Public Organization and Management3
HA2016Global Governance and Regulation3
HA2020Socio-Political Analysis in Public Policy3
HA2021Public Administration in Singapore3
HA2022Public-Policy Making In Singapore3
HA2023Research Methods in Social Sciences3
HA2024Statistical Foundations for Public Administration and Policy3
HA3007Public Budgeting and Financial Management3
HA3008Nonprofit Management and Social Entrepreneurship3
HA3009Comparative Public Administration3
HA3010Mass Media and Public Policy3
HA3011Science, Technology and Public Policy3
HA3013Managing Human Behaviour in the Public Sector3
HA3017Governance and Politics of China3
HA3018Borderless Migration?3
HA4005Constitutional and Administrative Law in Singapore4
HA4006Special Topic in Public Administration4
HA4008Ethics of Public Administration and Policy4
HA4009Special Issues in Public Policy4
HA4010Technology, Innovation and Policy4
HA4011Public Administration: Past, Present & Future4
HA4012Challenging Issues in Singapore4
HA4015Performance Management in the Public Sector4
HA4017Economics Issues for Public Decision Making4
HA4018Policy Evaluation4