The Asian School of the Environment (ASE)

NTU Asian School of the Environment (ASE) is a world leader in environmental research offering programmes that address key issues of the environment and sustainability in Southeast Asia. A highly interdisciplinary school, the ASE integrates earth and environmental life science, ecology, engineering and technology, human ecology​, humanities, social sciences and data science to better understand the planet we live on and how to mitigate and adapt to current and future environmental changes and hazards.


About us

Our faculty, research scientists and students tackle issues of vital importance for safe and sustainable societies, including: earthquakes, volcanic hazards, climate change, ecology of oceans and forests, and coupled human and natural systems. This breadth leads to multidisciplinary collaborations both within the school and by leveraging resources from many other schools and centres on campus.

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Global environmental change and geohazards are threatening resources and environmental predictability that human societies rely on. The ASE researchers work towards goals such as: 

  • Better sea level rise risk assessment for the millions of people living in low elevation coastal zones
  • Sustainable management of tropical peatlands for fire and haze prevention, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Improved forecasts of the magnitude and character of volcanic and earthquake activity
  • Risk assessment of unprecedented weather patterns created by climate change
  • Understanding the response of tropical marine and terrestrial ecosystems to global warming, ocean acidification, deforestation, biodiversity loss etc.

Our research can be categorize into three broad areas.


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