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Bachelor of Arts in History and Education

Double major

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The History major encompasses a wide range of historical areas of study, which include global history, the history of war and violence, oral history, gender history, film history, and heritage studies. In your research work you will piece together evidence of what happened in the past by undertaking fieldwork, analysis of primary source documents, and oral interviews. At the same time, we also seek to imbue in you a deep understanding of the discipline of history and to inculcate in you the ability to read widely, think critically, and to be aware of the complexities and ambiguities in the world today and how these relate to the past. 

Academic Discipline Minimum Requirements for Bachelor of Arts in History and Education

Important Note
Meeting the minimum requirement for a specific academic subject does not guarantee the allocation of the academic subject.

Allocation of academic subject is dependent on ranking based on student teachers’ qualifications and results (at the discretion of the academic group) as well as the availability of vacancies.

No pre-requisites

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