NTU-NIE Teaching Scholars Programme

Double major | Special Programme

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TSP offers unique opportunities for outstanding scholars with a passion and calling to be professional leaders in education. This four-year programme aims to produce graduates with intellectual rigour, strong leadership skills, and global perspective edge to make significant contributions to education. The TSP incorporates a forward-looking and multidisciplinary curriculum that builds on the Bachelor of Arts (Education) / Bachelor of Science (Education) programme. The curriculum focuses on content mastery, pedagogical knowledge and the theory-practice nexus, to prepare students for an education profession. The breadth of the programme is reflected in its span of electives, internship with local partners, and seminars by distinguished professors, government leaders and industry luminaries. Students also benefit from personal guidance by top-notch faculty members, the curriculum’s strong focus on inquiry, participation in overseas learning programmes and flexibility in taking a minor programme.

Programmes Offered:

  • Bachelor of Arts (Double Major/Education)
  • Bachelor of Science (Double Major/Education)
  • Educational and academic research
  • International practicum opportunities
  • Service and Leadership Training (SALT) programme
This programme admits candidates who hold either GCE 'A' Levels or polytechnic diplomas. More information about the programme can be found at https://moe.gov.sg/careers/teaching-scholarships-sponsorships/bachelor-arts-science/

Graduands will receive a Bachelor of Arts (Education) or Bachelor of Science (Education) jointly conferred by Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and National Institute of Education (NIE).

It is a sponsored undergraduate programme by the Ministry of Education.

Programme length: 4 years

Bond length: 4 years

You may refer to Programme Information and Handbook https://www.nie.edu.sg/te-undergraduate/undergraduate-programmes for more information.

Graduates of NIE’s degree programmes are fully-qualified education professionals and graduates are expected to be in high demand within the Singapore education system and beyond.

In addition to a double major programme, undergraduates will also complete a minor in one of these areas:


  • Art (NIE)
  • Biology (NIE)
  • Chemistry (NIE)
  • Chinese Literature (NIE)
  • Drama (NIE)
  • English Language & Linguistics (NIE)
  • English Literature (NIE)
  • Geography (NIE)
  • History (NIE)
  • Malay Literature (NIE)
  • Mathematics & Computational Thinking (NIE)
  • Music (NIE)
  • Physics & Energy Studies (NIE)
  • Social Studies (NIE)
  • Tamil Literature & CCE (NIE)
  • Primary Level Subjects (NIE)*


*  Primary Level Subjects must comprise subject knowledge courses from two primary level subjects. For example, a student teacher with 2 teaching subjects (e.g., English and Mathematics) would need to have courses in both English and Mathematics included in the Minor for Primary Level Subjects (NIE).

** These minors are exclusive to NIE student teachers only.

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