Library Services for Alumni

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Library Services for all NTU Alumni

The Library provides NTU alumni access to the following e-resources for personal and non-commercial use.

You can access these e-resources directly with your NTU Alumni Network Account. If you have forgotten or have not applied for the account, please click here.

  • Fitch Connect - credit analytics, ratings, research, risk indices
  • Project Muse - journal articles on humanities and social sciences
  • SAGE Business Cases - business cases, up to 2019
  • SAGE Campus - provides access to 250+ hours of online courses
  • SAGE Journals - journals on social science, humanities, and communication studies
  • SAGE Knowledge - social sciences database including video, books, business cases, and more
  • SAGE Research Methods - methodology on social sciences research including books, journal articles, instructional videos, and more

For access to a broader range of onsite library services and resources, please apply for a Personal Membership. All alumni (students who graduated with a diploma/degree from any of the undergraduate/postgraduate programmes offered by NTU) who apply within a year of graduation are entitled to 1-year complimentary Personal Membership.

Please contact us at [email protected] for enquiries.