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Nanyang Fellows MBA

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The Nanyang Fellows MBA is a one-year full-time programme designed for mid to senior level managers in the public sector, and private sector individuals with a keen interest in the public sector. 




The programme was launched in 1998 by Dr Tony Tan, then Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore. Each year, a small and select group of about 25 participants from the public sector across the continents, join the programme for a journey of profound and intense learning.

For the full programme details, please refer to Nanyang Fellows MBA.

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Technology is redefining the future of public services and public policy-making in the drive to improve economic competitiveness and quality of life. As the process of integrating technology into all aspects of government, economy, and society accelerates, public service professionals will need to have the ability and confidence to transform digital technologies into strategic capabilities.

Drawing on NTU’s strong heritage of tech and innovation, the Nanyang Fellows MBA explores how digital technologies are playing an increasing role in the relationship between businesses and government agencies. You will be challenged to reimagine digital transformation and equipped to effectively augment policies and businesses in the digital age.



Besides learning at NTU against the backdrop of Singapore’s Smart Nation vision, the Nanyang Fellows MBA encompasses in-depth classes at two of the world’s most prestigious universities – the University of California, Berkeley, and Tsinghua University in Beijing. Advanced modules taught by global-minded faculty experts, together with curated company visits, will bring immersive experiences with distinctive East and West perspectives. 



The programme provides insights into how private sector businesses are run, enabling you to utilise best business and leadership practices in the public sector to improve your workplace, work processes, and performance. 


The Nanyang Fellows MBA programme attracts only the top talent. As such, we are highly selective in handpicking individuals to be part of this programme. While we look for leadership potential, strong academic capability and good personal qualities (ethics, integrity and social responsibility), we also try to ensure a good diversity of backgrounds to add to the richness of this programme.

Admission requirements

  • A good bachelor’s degree
  • Minimum 8 years of professional experience
  • Demonstrated fluency in English
  • TOEFL score >100 IBT; IELTS score >6.5, if English was not the medium of instruction at the undergraduate level
  • Sponsorship nomination from your government agency or organisation, if applicable 

Admission requirements

  • Round 1: 1 November
  • Round 2: 15 January
  • Round 3: 31 March

Programme Fee (Academic Year 2024)

The programme fee is S$87,715.00 (including 9% GST).

Accommodation, airfare, miscellaneous and overseas travel expenses are not included.

A non-refundable fee of S$100 is payable with the application.


The Nanyang Fellows MBA Programme spans a period of 12 months, comprising the following: 
  • Three trimesters in Singapore of approximately 13 weeks each 
  • Company visits and leadership talks/seminars over the 12 months 
  • SPAN (Strategy Projects at Nanyang) Project across Trimester 1 and 2 
  • Residential programme at partner universities, University of California, Berkeley (2 weeks) and Tsinghua University (1 week) 

The Nanyang Fellows MBA Programme comprises a range of courses. Typical courses are: 

Trimester 1 

Trimester 2 

Trimester 3 

  • Accounting Analysis for Leaders 

  • Data Analytics and Corporate Strategy 

  • Cultural Intelligence

  • Business & Public Policy

  • Corporate Sustainability

  • Technology and Innovation in China (Tsinghua University) 

  • Doing Business in China (Tsinghua University) 

  • Marketing in the Global Environment

  • Corporate Finance & Policy

  • Contemporary Economic Analysis and Public Policy

  • Developing Strategic Capabilities 

  • SPAN Project (across Trimester 2 & 3) 

  • Leadership Accelerator (University of California, Berkeley) 

  • Technology-Based Innovation & Disruption (University of California, Berkeley) 

  • Knowledge and Technology Management

  • Talent Management

  • Business Negotiation

Note: Programme structure is subject to changes. 

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