​Accepted programme offer in 2017

Tuition Fees - Full Time Programme

Accepted programme offer in 2017

- Annual tuition fee is fixed at the 2017 rate for the duration of the degree programme. 

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 Programme of StudySubsidised Students
Non-Subsidised Students2
(not receiving tuition grant)
(Inclusive of GST)
Singapore Citizens1Singapore Permanent Residents1International Students2 
(Inclusive of GST)
  • All Programmes (except for those listed below)
S$8,150S$11,400S$17,450 S$31,780
  • Accountancy
  • Business
  • Accountancy & Business
  • Business & Computing
  • Business & Computer Engineering
  • Medicine
S$33,700S$47,200S$72,100 Not  Applicable 
  • Renaissance Engineering Programme
S$17,600S$24,650S$37,650 Not  Applicable 

1. Amounts quoted are exclusive of GST. The GST on the tuition fee is subsidised by the Ministry of Education (MOE) for these students. 

2. For international students on subsidised tuition fees and students of all nationalities on non-subsidised tuition fees, the fee amounts quoted are inclusive of prevailing GST of 7%. GST is subject to change. GST on the tuition fee is to be borne by students.