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Smart Campus

The NTU Smart Campus is a living testbed of tomorrow’s technologies that demonstrates how innovative digital and tech-enabled solutions support better learning and living experiences, the discovery of new knowledge, and the sustainability of resources.


Shaping the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Home to a critical mass of talent and infrastructure in the key areas that are shaping the Fourth Industrial Revolution. NTU Singapore is working with industries and the government to spearhead innovations for the betterment of society. These include:


A digitally connected community
NTU students benefit from a holistic curriculum incorporating the advantages of immersive technologies and learner-centred practices that go beyond the confines of a classroom. An NTU student is digitally savvy and prepared to take on global challenges brought about by industry 4.0.

By creating a digitally connected community, NTU is promoting maximum efficiency, fostering sustainability and improving the daily lives of its people for better learning and living experiences.

These efforts are also evident in the award winning HEY! magazine, a smart publication offering a range of options to share the NTU experience with its target audience. By adopting the latest technologies such as augmented reality and other mobile and online tools, HEY! provides a new way to experience the print medium.


Addressing humanity's grand challenges
With smart technologies impacting traditional roles and structures, humanity is facing some of its greatest challenges. The NTU Institute of Science and Technology for Humanity aims to bring industry, government and academia together to explore key issues at the intersections of technology and human behaviour and to mitigate any adverse effects.


Smart Technologies

NTU has attracted major companies such as Alibaba, HP, Volvo, Delta Electronics, and Singtel, to set up partnerships and programmes that foster innovation and lead to the creation of innovative solutions to complex problems.

Smart Learning

State-of-the-art buildings such as The Hive and The Arc incorporate flipped classroom pedagogy within smart classrooms designed for greater interaction, and course materials are optimised for learning on electronic devices.

Smart Living

Smart Living

Driving digital transformation on campus, NTU has introduced smart carparks, smart transportation, and the NTU Smart Pass.

Smart Design

Smart Design​

Under its EcoCampus initiative, NTU targets to achieve a 35 per cent reduction in energy, water and waste intensity by 2021, making it one of the world’s most eco-friendly university campuses in the world.





See tomorrow’s technologies come to life on the NTU Smart Campus, frequently listed among the most beautiful university campuses in the world.