Are you thinking about studying at NTU? Or perhaps you have already been accepted into an NTU programme (If so, congratulations!). Below is some information that you might find helpful when making your decision or for ensuring a successful transition into NTU and Singapore.

Why NTU?

A world-leading university founded on science and technology, NTU nurtures thinkers, innovators and leaders well-poised to address the significant challenges facing humanity. Through interdisciplinary education and research, NTU develops graduates with character, competence and cognitive agility, who will create a positive impact on society.

Student Life at NTU

Experience a vibrant student life at NTU, beyond the classroom. Co-curricular learning and leadership development opportunities abound, through student clubs, sports, student volunteering opportunities and so much more!

Your Health and Wellbeing

At NTU, your wellbeing, health and safety matter. A OneNTU Community approach is adopted. Faculty and staff across schools and departments work together, to help you thrive at NTU, and beyond.

Applying to NTU

With a vision to foster a diverse, inclusive and cohesive community, NTU welcomes students from around the world to our undergraduate, postgraduate and exchange programmes. Learn about our application and admissions processes, timelines and international student pass requirements.

Exchange Programmes

NTU welcomes hundreds of international (and local) students on summer and semester exchange programmes each year, which contributes to the campus’ diversity and vibrancy. Learn about our global learning opportunities and how you can apply.


At NTU, there are 23 Halls of Residence for undergraduates and 2 for postgraduate students. Learn about our accommodation and facilities, as well as alternative housing options. 

Student Associations

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NTU Students' Union

The NTU Students' Union is the representative body of the undergraduate student community, with a mission to empower the voices, advocate the interests, and enhance the vibrancy of campus life of NTU students. Within NTUSU, the Student Integration Committee (SIC) supports the transition of international students and the development of an integrated and inclusive NTU community. The SIC has developed a guide for international students which you may find useful.

NTU Graduate Students' Association

The NTU Graduate Students' Association is the elected representative body of the graduate student community at NTU. The GSA represents the interests of graduate students, organises orientation programmes and assists with academic and career development. Beyond promoting the welfare of its members, the GSA also works to foster strong and meaningful relationships between the student population (graduate and undergraduate), faculty and staff.

More about NTU

Take a look at some of the trends shaping the future and keep pace with a changing job market! On the NTU Smart Campus, you will be immersed in a rich and stimulating learning environment supported by modern technologies.

NTU brings tomorrow’s technologies to life on one of the world’s most beautiful university campuses. At the NTU Smart Campus, the power of digital technology and sustainable tech-enabled solutions are being harnessed to enhance the way the NTU community learns, lives, works and plays.


Introducing Gaia, NTU's newest building and the largest wooden building in Asia. The six-storey Gaia houses a 190-seat auditorium, 12 lecture theatres and 13 seminar rooms. The exposed wood aesthetic of the building helps to make it environmentally friendly, as it reduces the use of materials such as paint and tiling that are associated with high levels of pollution during their production.