About Youth Regional Affairs Dialogue 2023


Organised by NTU-University Scholars Programme (NTU-USP) and supported by Temasek Foundation, the fourth annual TF – NTU Youth Regional Affairs Dialogue 2023 is a platform for university students in Asia to enhance their leadership skills and broaden their understanding of regional issues.

Aspiring youth leaders will have an opportunity to develop an appreciation of economic, political, and social issues affecting Asia, and to better understand governance and policies across the continent as they build friendships through cross-cultural exchanges.

The 2023 dialogue will be centered around the theme of Social Issues in the World of Trades and Jobs.

28 Singapore students and 40 international students from some of Asia's top Universities were selected to take part in the 8-day programme.

Watch the video for highlights of the Dialogue! 



Social Issues in the World of Trade and Jobs

“How do we integrate our call to address social issues into our daily hustle?”

1. Culture & Identity - Diversity and inclusivity foster belonging, increase productivity, and drive innovation. Disparity persists in workplaces today. Employees' identities outside of work, such as caregiving responsibilities, require flexibility. Workplaces must adapt to individuals' holistic development and work-life balance. Are Asian workplaces ready? How can we create a receptive environment and balance empathy with fairness?

2. Environment & Sustainability - Younger generations show a greater commitment to environmental sustainability, while some older individuals struggle to adopt sustainable habits. New employees prioritise companies' environmental impact when choosing employment. Young people have initiated positive changes in workplace culture. How can we make a meaningful impact and reconcile environmental concerns with workplace constraints?

3. Intergenerational divide -Hierarchical systems persist in Asia, influencing employee interactions. Digital platforms have become essential, leading to generational dynamics. How can we enhance communication across generations at work? Preserving older knowledge and skills while supporting their adaptation to a changing economy is crucial.


Opening Address & Keynote Speech 


Minister Edwin Tong 

Minister for Culture, Community and Youth and Second Minister for Law


Industry Expert Workshop

Culture & Identity:

Daryl Yang 

Co-founder, Community for Advocacy and Political Education (CAPE) 

Environment & Sustainability:

Dr Lee Hui Mien 

Senior Director, Group Environmental Sustainability, Singtel 

Intergenerational Divide:

Asst Prof Walid Jumblatt Bin Abdullah 

Assistant Chair (Students), Assistant Professor, School of Social Sciences at NTU 

Panel Session


Panel #1

Prioritising Social Issues: "Where do you start with limited resources/capacity?"

Culture & Identity:

Vivian Lim 

Founder and CEO at The Idea Co 


Environment & Sustainability:

Ted Chen Chiu-Hao 

Founder and Ceo of evercomm.com.sg

Intergenerational Divide:

Karen Chia 

Consultant and Coach - Organisational Change, Psychological Safety and Mental Health


Panel #2

Mediating: "How can we work from the outside?" 

Culture & Identity:

Dr Marissa Lee Medjeral-Mils

Executive Director at Disabled People's Association

Environment & Sustainability:

Ms Dian S. Anderson 

Associate Director at EB Impact and Executive

Member of Climate Action Singapore Alliance

Intergenerational Divide:

Faridah Ali Chang

Principal Trainer &
Consultant, Registered
Psychologist of Rainbow
Training & Consultancy

Message from Chairperson

Dear Prospective Applicants,

In July of this year, Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) will host the fourth edition of the Temasek Youth Regional Affairs Dialogue. YRAD offers dozens of promising student leaders from Asian universities a rare opportunity to spend a week in Singapore, discussing crucial regional social issues with government, industry, and civil society leaders, while immersed in Singapore’s unique culture and landscape.

It is my pleasure to return as the chairperson of the dialogue. Our theme this year is “Social Issues in the World of Trade and Jobs.” While the ebbing of the pandemic has lead to an uneven economic recovery in many parts of the world, it has also drawn our attention back to a number of long-standing challenges and opportunities for Asia’s workers. These include issues surrounding the role of culture and identity in employment, the environmental impact of industry, and the complex relationships between different generations of workers. How will Asian firms turn the diversity of their employees and customers into an advantage? How will leaders and workers help their firms pursue a more sustainable course? How can we turn the differing perspectives and knowledge of younger and older workers into strengths? The participants chosen for this year’s dialogue will represent their generation’s passionate engagement with these questions inside and outside the classroom.

YRAD isn’t simply about working on these serious issues, however. It is about developing friendships in the process, and enjoying new experiences. As a long-term resident of Singapore and a veteran of past dialogues, I can assure you that YRAD in Singapore offers plenty of chances for both meaningful work and play.

On behalf of the YRAD team, I look forward to read your applications and meeting you soon.

Dr Justin Clark
Chairperson of YRAD 2023
Associate Professor, History and NTU-USP

YRAD Chairperson
Ashley Yee Martin Koh Muhammad Hidayat

It helped me to foster critical thinking skills on emerging issues and provided a platform for dialogue across different culture and countries. Definitely encourage anyone who has the opportunity to join to do so!

Sabelle Ashley Kee Jen, Accountancy, SMU, 2020/21 Participant

The Dialogue inspired me to pursue a career in the UN, where I am currently working. I aim to tackle many of the issues discussed during the Dialogue to a bigger global audience.

Kang Dongwoo Yonsei University, 2019 Participant

The Dialogue improved my understanding and knowledge of geopolitical structures in Asia while allowing me to create meaningful connections.

Muhammad Hidayat Fahmi, University of Malaya, 2019 Participant



Key Highlights

Cultural Night 

- A dazzling night to remember! Delegates had the chance to share about a festival unique to their country or perform a song/dance/skit that is relevant to their country. 

Visit to Temasek Shophouse 

- Located in Downtown Orchard, Temasek Shophouse is a social impact hub that encourages, enhances and elevates social and environmental initiatives that work towards the common good. Participants learnt about Temasek Shophouse's journey to promote eco-efforts while retaining its rich heritage and how to incorporate sustainability efforts into their daily lives and further into their workspaces.


- Participants met a wide range of industry experts and learnt how to equip themselves with skills and mindset to thrive with the professional world. 

Learning Journey 

- Participants visited First Page Digital, a digital marketing agency as part of their learning journey. They were brought on an office tour and had the opportunity to hear from ex-NTU-USP students who are currently working at First Page Digital on HR practices and work place culture. 

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