Published on 10 Feb 2021

Turning drinks into a healthier treat with probiotic ice cubes

Uni-Tat Ice & Marketing and NTU Singapore have launched a new ice product with added benefit for gut health.   

The probiotic ice cubes developed by Iceman and NTU Singapore allow everyday consumers the flexibility of adapting and incorporating probiotics into food and drinks, without the need to make changes to their consumption patterns. 

Probiotics is among several key market trends identified under the NTU Food Science and Technology programme, which aims to build a resilient and efficient food circular economy through innovation.  

The new product aims to complement current probiotic beverages and supplements in the market, enabling another option for consumers who are aware of the importance of probiotics for overall health. 

Professor William Chen, Director, NTU Food Science and Technology Programme and the lead scientist behind the innovation said: “The collaboration between Iceman and NTU has enabled us to take ideas from the lab to the market. In the broader scheme of things, this also shows how research and commerce can find common ground to develop a product to benefit consumers. With the successful launch of the probiotic ice, we are exploring other options that may lead to the development of more innovative products.”  

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