Published on 01 Mar 2024

NTU to ramp up tech use for safety and security needs; appoints Certis as campus security provider

NTU Singapore is strengthening its use of technology for its campus security needs with the appointment of integrated security agency Certis as its security provider.

By deploying technology-enabled solutions, Certis will upgrade and optimise NTU's breadth of security coverage and footprint, and improve campus incident response time, across all of NTU’s academic buildings, halls of residences, staff housing, ancillary facilities, and road network.

The contract will start on 1 March 2024. The infrastructure upgrade will be progressively rolled out from June 2024, starting with halls of residence and staff housing before moving on to academic buildings and ancillary facilities.

In addition to providing skilled security manpower, Certis will install new and upgrade existing CCTV cameras across campus with video analytic capabilities to improve and upgrade campus security coverage.

NTU Chief Development & Facilities Management Officer Mr Siew Hoong Kit said: “NTU will strengthen its safety and security needs by leveraging technology, data and video analytics. Streamlining our campus’ security needs through partnership with a single agency, Certis, provides assurance and accountability while removing ambiguity or segmentation of responsibility.”

Mr Leonard Oh, Chief Executive, Technology Services Business, Certissaid: “Every client has different needs and outcomes based on their real estate and setup. We make sense and synergise all the requirements, before putting together a robust data-powered smart solution to meet those needs and wants needed now, and how it is set up for the future.”

Certis will also design, build and operate a new state-of-the-art Security Command Centre to be commissioned in end 2024. To be built on the NTU smart campus, the new command centre will be equipped with Mozart, Certis’ services integration platform, and features real-time 24/7 monitoring and response.

A scalable smart wireless network infrastructure to be deployed on the NTU campus will provide better situational awareness and command and control, all integrated on a single platform in the command centre. This will result in better user satisfaction and increased productivity, as well as meaningful data-led insights for NTU, allowing the university to make accurate, informed decisions.