Published on 14 Oct 2023

New initiatives to make lifelong learning more accessible to all

To encourage lifelong learning and make postgraduate education more accessible, NTU Singapore is introducing new initiatives to defray the cost of a majority of its coursework-based master's programmes starting from the new academic year in 2024.

All Singaporeans and Permanent Residents who apply for NTU’s coursework-based master’s programmes that are not subsidised by the government will get a $5,000 subsidy. Those eligible for financial aid may receive up to $10,000 in subsidy.

On top of this subsidy, all NTU alumni, regardless of nationality, will also receive a 10 per cent tuition fee rebate when they enrol in these coursework-based master’s programmes.

Over 5,200 coursework by master’s students each year are expected to benefit from at least one of these initiatives.

These new initiatives were announced today by NTU President Prof Ho Teck Hua during a fireside chat at the NTU Alumni Homecoming 2023 held on the NTU campus.

The new alumni rebate and subsidy for a majority of NTU’s coursework-based master’s programmes add to the University’s efforts to encourage lifelong learning, such as offering alumni course credits to defray the cost of NTU’s short-term continuing education courses. 

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