Published on 08 May 2024

Knocking out deadly brain cancer with a double punch

Dr Chong Yuk Kien; Assoc Prof Ang Beng Ti; Assoc Prof Andrew Tan and Dr Cheng Hong ShengGlioblastoma is an aggressive form of brain cancer, with only 5% of patients surviving more than five years after diagnosis. This is because the cancer often becomes resistant to treatment and recurs.

Repurposing cancer drugs to treat glioblastoma could offer new hope for glioblastoma patients, a joint study by researchers from NTU's Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine and the National Neuroscience Institute has found.

The scientists found that the drugs inhibited two signalling pathways in glioblastoma cells associated with cancer growth and spread, restoring effectiveness of glioblastoma treatment.

The findings pave the way for more effective and precise therapies for the deadly disease.

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