Whether you are a student, alumni, member of public or faculty/staff, there are various University volunteer programmes, events or initiatives seeking your support. 

Join our vibrant and diverse volunteer community and be a University Volunteer today! 

Explore Volunteer Opportunities

Be a Student Volunteer 

Volunteering can enrich your University experience and student life. You will find opportunities to make new friends or professional connections, give back to the community and even pick up new skills!

Email the Student Community Engagement (SCE) team for more details and volunteering opportunities.

Be an Alumni Volunteer

NTU welcomes all alumni to contribute their time and expertise. Alumni may be involved in leading an alumni association, mentorship or sharing job opportunities.

Check the NTU alumni webpage or email the Office of Alumni Engagement team for more details and volunteering opportunities.

Be a Faculty / Staff Volunteer

We are happy to support our faculty / staff who wish to give back to the community beyond the confines of their daily work. Together we make community!

Be a volunteer with NTU

We welcome all members of public, individuals and corporate entities, who are interested to contribute to or make a difference in the community by giving their time as a University volunteer.  

Email the Student Community Engagement (SCE) team for more details and volunteering opportunities.

Be a Corporate Volunteer

We are seeking corporate or industry volunteers to partner with us to make an impact in the community today. We would love to have you onboard as our partner.

University Volunteer Policy

NTU recognises and appreciates the positive impact that University Volunteers have in supporting the University’s mission. This Policy ensures that the relationship between NTU and volunteers is well established. This Policy applies to all University Volunteers. Learn more about the University Volunteer Policy

A. Who May Volunteer

To qualify as a University Volunteer, you must be willing and able to engage in Volunteering in accordance with the requirements of the Policy.

B. Excluded Activities

University Volunteers cannot engage in operation of heavy machinery, making commitments on behalf of the University, supervising or having authority over University staff, students or external parties, using University funds or work that involves handling hazardous sites or materials.

C. NTU’s Responsibility for University Volunteers

As a University Volunteer, you will be assigned responsibilities either by an NTU staff or an appointed student leader and must be suitably prepared to carry out such responsibilities in your Volunteering role. NTU reserves the right to release a University Volunteer from Volunteering, at any time and for any reason.

D. Rights and Responsibilities of University Volunteers

University Volunteers are not considered employees and are ineligible for any University benefits.

Volunteering has risks which may include risks of injury or other consequences. As a University Volunteer, you acknowledge and accept these risks and to the extent permitted by law, waive and release NTU from any and all claims in connection with Volunteering.

As a University Volunteer, you will agree to assign to NTU any and all intellectual property rights created or contributed by you when Volunteering.

E. University Volunteer Profile Form

Help us get to know you better. Complete and submit the University Volunteer Profile Form before commencing your volunteering journey!

*Please submit the completed form to the respective NTU Unit that you are volunteering with.

F. Description of Volunteer Service Form

The Description of Volunteer Service Form is to be completed by the NTU Unit and University Volunteer and sets out the description and details of the activities to be carried out by the University Volunteer.

Copies of the above forms will be retained by the respective NTU Unit. The collection, use, disclosure and retention of the personal data found in these forms will be governed by NTU’s Data Protection Policy. Learn more about NTU’s Privacy Statement.

Other Resources & Guides

University Code of Conduct

Volunteers should abide by the principles of the University’s Code of Conduct which includes:

(i)                  Acting with integrity and fairness in dealings with other parties
(ii)                Being considerate of the University’s interest and reputation
(iii)               No discrimination on grounds of race, religion, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation or ethnicity / origin
(iv)               Performing duties responsibly and conscientiously
(v)                Not violating any laws, including anti-corruption laws

Maintaining Confidentiality and Protecting Personal Data

  • Volunteers may at times collect and handle confidential or restricted information e.g. financial information or sensitive personal data (example: NRIC, personal contact details, medical or health information)​
  • Information must be treated with sensitivity in compliance with the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act
  • Confidential information must not be disclosed to others without approval ​
Non-disclosure obligations continue to apply even after relationship with NTU ends.