Published on 07 Apr 2021

Alumnus Steven Lim gifts S$1 million to support students in need


Mr Steven Lim, CEO of RSTN Consulting, has made a gift of S$1 million to his alma mater, Nanyang Technological University (NTU Singapore) to kick-start the RSTN Scholarship and Bursary Fund.

The Singapore government will match Mr Lim’s gift of S$1 million with another S$1 million for the NTU General Endowment Fund to support the University in the advancement of undergraduate and post-graduate education.

Over the next decade, the RSTN Bursary Fund will help eight financially disadvantaged Singaporean students per year in their final year of their studies with an annual award of S$10,000.

Like the bursary fund, the RSTN Scholarship is only applicable to final year undergraduate students. Every academic year, for the next decade, two students who display excellent academic results and extra-curricular records will be selected to receive S$10,000.

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