Infographic of new barrier free parking

Enjoy a seamless and hassle free parking experience with our Smart Car Park System, now launched across all NTU campuses. 

Find available lots on the go, apply for season parking or pay* for seasonal/hourly parking. Do all these easily by registering your vehicle via the GoParkin mobile app. 

iOS users
Download: 70.8 MB
Android users
Download: 41 MB
Web Portal
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*Payment by credit and debit cards only. 

Not keen to use the app?
Payment options using NETS/ Cash card/ CEPAS/ EZ-link card are available via the In-Vehicle Unit (IU) or at the exit terminal of car park gantries.

Parking Users Application Guide
GoParkin User Guide
Video (~ 2min)
GoParkin app Guide
PDF ( 1.3MB )
GoParkin portal Guide
PDF ( 2.04MB )


Frequently Asked Questions
Terms and Conditions For Parking in NTU Car Parks

For enquiries or feedback, email or call the hotline at 6592 3098.