Lost and Found

Lost Items

Valuable Items

To report loss of your valuable items, please submit the details through the respective links below:

If you have reason/s to believe that an offence of theft or dishonest misappropriation of property has occurred, please contact our Campus Security at 6790 5200 or report the case to the Police immediately. Under such circumstances, you do not require to email to One Stop @ SAC.

The University’s Campus Security will assist the police in their investigation. (Note: As per the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)'s directive, Campus Security is not authorized to show any CCTV recording to the complainant. The Police has authority over this matter).

If your item is found, Staff from One Stop @ SAC will contact you via email.

Important Note:

One Stop @ SAC will keep the valuable items (e.g. wallet, NRIC, phone, watch, electronic gadgets) for ONE month. The unclaimed items will be handed over to Police Station after ONE month.

Other items

For other items such as calculators, stationery, etc, One Stop @ SAC / Student will place the found items in the Lost & Found Depository Cabinet at One Stop @ SAC.

Owner may identify and collect the item before end of the month. Uncollected items will be disposed by end of the month.

The University (at its absolute discretion) shall be entitled to decide on disposal method as it deemed fit. In any event, neither the University nor its staff shall be liable or accountable to anyone in any way for the place, method and/or length of storage and/or the use, retention and/or disposal of any of the items.



You may return the item directly to the owner or the issuing agency if circumstances permit.

Otherwise, please hand over any found item/s that does not belong to you to:

  • One Stop @ SAC (NS3-01-03)
  • Campus Security (North Spine NS1-B1-06)
  • Library Counter (found at the library)
  • Exam Hall (found during exam period)
  • Police Station (for valuable items)

Note: You may subject yourself to liability of an offence of dishonest misappropriation of property if you keep items not belonging to you.

For other items such as calculator, stationery, etc. that found, please leave the items in the Lost & Found Depository Cabinet at One Stop @ SAC.

For hygiene reasons, One Stop @ SAC does not accept:

  • Clothing (e.g. jacket, pants, socks, scarves, etc)
  • Food and drink containers (e.g. water bottles, mugs, and lunch bag)
  • Sportswear (e.g. shoes and shoe bag)
  • Umbrella
The items left at the exam venue which are not collected from the respective exam venue, will be discarded at University’s discretion by the last day of exam period.