Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage

All FULL-TIME NTU matriculated Undergraduate, Graduate and Non-graduating students are required to be insured under the university’s insurance schemes. The schemes ensure students are covered with basic medical and personal accident insurance coverage.

The insurance premiums are incorporated within the Health Services Fee that is part of the miscellaneous fee payable to NTU. The insurance coverage commences upon start of the academic year and ends under any of the following conditions:

  •   Leave of Absence (LOA).
  •   Overseas Study Leave (OSL).
  •   Conversion of student status from full-time to part-time.
  •   Withdrawal/Termination from course.
  •   Completion of studies:

    -          Upon being conferred (for Undergraduate and Graduate students).

    -          Upon expiry or cancellation of Student Pass (Exchange students).

  •    Exhaustion of the insurance coverage limit during the policy year.
  •    Apply to opt out (for eligible group of students and schemes).
  •    Outstanding fees (Health Services Fee inclusive).
  •    Secure employment, surrender Student's Pass and leave the university.

For PhD students who have submitted thesis and want to extend the insurance coverage until degree conferment, please send your request through Ask One Stop with your full name, matric number and reason for extension request.

For other enquiries on Insurance, you can reach us at Ask One Stop or contact 67906823.


Incident/accident Report (Office of Health and Safety)

Please file an incident report for any campus related, lab related, office related incidents or accidents, incidents or accidents which happened during fieldwork, research, internship and / or injuries sustained from University-sanctioned sports activities.     

Some examples on the types of incidents which are reportable are in the List of Reportable Safety Health Incidents as reference.

The link to file an incident report is provided below:


NTU StudentsMedical Scheme Group Personal Accident Insurance (GPAI) Group Hospitalization and Surgical Insurance  

Full-Time Undergraduate Student

✓    ✓                       NA

Full-Time Undergraduate Student

✓   ✓   ✓      

Part-Time Undergraduate Student (International/SPR/Singaporean)


Full-Time Graduate Student (Singaporean)

✓            *Allow Opt Out         *Allow Opt Out

Full-Time Graduate Student

✓             *Allow Opt Out ✓   

Non-graduating Student


✓    ✓   

Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine (LKCMedicine) 
(Graduate Student)

Include Rider

✓     ✓   ✓   


*Request for Opt-Out Insurance Schemes

All matriculated Full-Time graduate students may submit the opt-out request via this link, to exclude from NTU Student Insurances Schemes before the commencement of the academic semester.

Please note: 

You will NOT be able to opt in for coverage after you have opted out throughout your candidature in NTU.