Wellbeing for All

Wellbeing message by Associate Professor Prof Huan Swee Leng Vivien
Associate Professor Prof Huan Swee Leng Vivien

In NTU, wellbeing is valued as an important tenet in helping both staff and students develop their potentials and flourish as individuals.

Wellbeing @NTU is a personal and shared responsibility. It is an essential part of lifelong learning-for our students, as they make the most of their university years; for our staff as they contribute and strive to achieve their potentials at work.
@NTU, we adopt a Campus Community Approach in supporting both student and staff wellbeing. This is a proactive and preventive approach, involving a wide network of NTU members (faculty, staff, faculty-in-residence, counsellors, peer helpers, and fellow students). In this approach, different divisions in the university work together to ensure there is an integrated and coordinated effort in maintaining and supporting both staff and students’ health and wellbeing.

A few important insights shared by our colleagues and students serve to guide the building and sustainability of this community approach:

1. We all face challenges, as well as times of illness and extraordinary difficulty.
2. Challenges in life are opportunities for us to gain insight and grow as individuals.
3. We cannot do it alone-we need each other.
4. Seeking support from peers and professionals is not a sign of weakness.
5. Receiving help and support always lead to a better outcome.

Finally, as we continue to strengthen the wellbeing ecosystem at NTU, we are also enabling ourselves as individuals and as a community to contribute to the wider society eventually.