Foundations of University Learning and Teaching

FULT aims to provide an environment within which new and junior faculty can develop your practical skills and understanding of course design, teaching, learning, assessments, and communication with students within the context of your own teaching. Through FULT, you will have opportunities to explore areas of pedagogy and research relevant to teaching in higher education. As a community of practice, we will learn, apply, and reflect on teaching strategies that are informed by evidence to promote student engagement and deep learning. Overall, we aim to develop a critical mindset crucial to the continued improvement of our teaching practice.

 By the end of the programme, you should be able to:

  1. Design courses with explicit outcomes aligned to assessment and learning activities
  2. Use learning activities and assessment strategies to promote student learning
  3. Evaluate your own teaching to determine the impact of your teaching strategies

Foundations of University Learning and Teaching
Foundations of University Learning and Teaching


FULT is a year-long programme consisting of three phases, all to be completed within the first two years of employment. The first phase is a series of workshops that lay the foundation on teaching and learning at university. The second phase will provide opportunity for you to put theory into practice and receive feedback on your teaching. The third phase of FULT aims to guide you to assemble and articulate portions of your teaching portfolio according to teaching appraisal guidelines.

FULT is offered twice a year for all new faculty members.


Upon the completion of FULT, you will be awarded a certificate of completion.


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