Pre-Departure Requirements


All NTU students who will embark on university-sanctioned travels must complete their pre-departure requirements.

Participants of University-Sanctioned Travels such as exchange programmes, overseas internships and other official student activities abroad are required to complete the following requirements: 

  1. Sign and submit a letter of indemnity*
  2. Updating of Next-of-Kin information in the student records system is also to be completed
  3. Download and Register in ISOS App
  4. NTU Travel Declaration – all students are required to declare their travel plans and itineraries via NTU Travel Registry System prior to departure.

*The purpose of Letter of Indemnity is to inform students about the risks involved in their travel and agree to indemnify the University against claims and liabilities arising from this.


Other Requirements:

a. Pre-Departure Briefing - most programme offices that manage mobility programmes may require students to complete their pre-departure briefings either through in-person briefings or via online platforms.  These information sessions allow students to prepare for their travel including understanding of immigration requirements, local and international laws, local health and security risks, as well as cultural adaptation. 

b. Health Declaration - students embarking on mobility programmes may be required to declare their current state of health.  In some instances, students be required to obtain a “Fit To Travel” document from their medical doctors to address pre-existing medical conditions.

c. Other forms and requirements - documents such as risk assessment forms, pre-travel e-quiz, and e-registration to Ministry of Foreign Affairs (for Singaporeans only) may also be required for all outbound NTU students.

d. All students embarking on overseas immersion must complete the modules:

  1. Risk Management Core Module
  2. OHS2RMO01 Risk Management For Student Activities Held Overseas