GEM Explorer (Semester Exchange)

GEM Explorer programme offers students opportunities to spend a semester abroad either to pursue courses or conduct research.  About 95% of GEM Explorer participants embark on coursework and a minority of students pursue exchange via research. 

NTU partners with more than 350 universities in over 40 countries around the world.  

Here are some of the benefits of participating in an exchange programme: 

  • Experience Diverse Academic Teaching
  • Experience a new culture or learn a new language
  • Build global networks and forge meaningful relationships across the world 
  • Earn academic units (AUs)
  • Develop cultural intelligence

Find out more

GEM Mobility Portal

GEM Mobility Portal

GEM Mobility Portal contains more than 350 NTU partner university brochures.  These brochures include information sheets, links to partner universities' website, course offerings, academic calendar and other pertinent information about our partner's exchange programme.  This information is important in order to review and consider potential host universities as students prepare for their exchange overseas. 


GEM Explorer Student Intranet

Details on eligibility, application procedures, pre-departure preparation, and post programme requirements are available in NTU SASD-OGEM Intranet. Click on the image above to access this information. 

Contact GEM Explorer:

For any enquiries, please drop an email to [email protected].