GEM Discoverer (Short-Term Programmes)


GEM Discoverer offers NTU students a wide variety of short-term global experiences. Our programmes not only enhance academic learning, but prepare students for global citizenry, well-equipped with the relevant skillsets to be successful in the workforce. Through the learning journey, students will become more empathetic towards different cultures and perspectives and be engaged with real world issues.

NTU students may consider to immerse in the following short-term global experiences during the university’s semester breaks. Short Term Programmes with opportunity to work with multi-cultural and interdisciplinary teams with specific focus on building competences for you to solve real world issues are especially recommended from Year 1.

Language Immersion Programme

GEM Discoverer Language Immersion Programme (LIP) provides an avenue for students to become competent in a foreign language.  Through immersion in the native speakers environment, they will be able to hone their language skills while reading language courses at a partner university. Languages offered include Cantonese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Russian, Spanish and Thai.


GEM Discoverer Prelude offers the opportunity to participate in two-week thematic studies to promote a holistic knowledge of emerging markets in ASEAN and fast-paced economies in Asia.

Summer Studies

GEM Discoverer Summer Studies offers you the opportunity to discover new horizons and experience fascinating cultures and landscapes across the world while taking courses during the summer holidays.

Winter Studies

GEM Discoverer Winter Studies
GEM Discoverer Winter Studies gives you a taste of overseas living and learning abroad during the winter abroad stint.

Special Programmes

GEM Discoverer Special Programmes are offered from time to time providing new insightful learning and perspectives.

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For any enquiries, please drop an email to [email protected] or message us on our GEM Discoverer MS Teams.