Request for Materials

For resources that are available in NTU’s collection but are currently out on loan or in the closed stack, or need to be transferred, please follow the instructions below.

​​If the item that you are looking for is not available, you can place a reservation for it. The item has to be collected within 6 days after you receive our email. Please note that materials in high demand may have shorter loan periods (7 days instead of 28 days).

Making a reservation

  1. Click "Sign In" on the OneSearch.
  2. Find the item you require.
  3. Click "Currently Unavailable" at the Item Record.
  4. Click "Place Hold" at the REQUEST.
  5. Select your Pickup Location and click "SEND REQUEST".
  • Approach the Service Desk if you wish to reserve the following:
  • Items that are being catalogued.
  • Items that consist of multiple volumes (e.g. periodicals or journals).

View or cancel your requests

Login to your library account to view or cancel your reservations.

  • You are only allowed to make reservations for books which are on loan, in-transit, on order or reserved by someone
  • Items in the Course Reserves cannot be reserved
  • You cannot place a request for an item which is currently on loan to you
  • On notification, collect the book reserved within 6 days from the date indicated on the reservation notice. Books not collected will be returned to the shelf or given to the next person who has reserved the same item.

Closed stack items are kept in off-site storage facilities. Library members can make a request to borrow these items.

Identify a closed stack item

A closed stack item can be identified by the status of its location when you use OneSearch.

Turnaround time

Requests generally will be fulfilled within 2-3 working days.

  • Weekdays only (excluding public holidays).

Placing a request

  • For NTU students and staff with StudentLink or Stafflink, please click here.
  • For associate members and staff without Stafflink, please contact us.

You may request for books and AV materials to be transferred to a library that is convenient for you.


Transferring between libraries in Yunnan Garden campus

  • Staff and part-time students (undergraduates & graduates) from NTU and NIE only

Transferring between Yunnan Garden and Novena campuses

  • All NTU users may request for materials found only in Medical Library to be sent to any library within Yunnan Garden campus for collection
  • All LKCMedicine faculty, staff and students may request for materials to be sent from any library in Yunnan Garden campus to Medical Library for pickup


Items that can be requested

Most items can be requested except for the following:

  • Course Reserves
  • AV Reserves and restricted AV titles (can only be requested by faculty who are teaching the course)

You will be notified via email when items are ready for your collection.


Turnaround time

  • Requests generally will be fulfilled within 3 working days
  • Weekdays only (excluding public holidays)
  • If you need an item urgently, please borrow from the library in person.


Placing a request

Login and request here. For NIE users, please contact us with title details.

You are only allowed to request for a maximum of 5 items per day.

For resources that are not available in NTU’s collection, the following services are available: